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4 Advantages of Using Trash Compactors Instead of Garbage Bins

Most businesses use garbage bins or dumpsters that are regularly collected by a local waste management company or local waste removal service. However, bins and dumpsters are not the only waste disposal solutions available. Businesses may benefit by switching to a trash compactor.

Explore the advantages of using trash compactors with or instead of garbage bins for commercial or industrial waste removal.

1. Compactors Reduce Waste Removal Costs

A compactor can help to reduce waste removal costs by reducing the volume of waste that needs to be removed. This applies to all types of businesses. Retail stores and factories both produce waste that can quickly fill up a standard garbage bin or dumpster.

A trash compactor reduces the volume of waste by compacting it down into a smaller, more manageable size. Waste collection is needed less frequently, reducing the overall cost of waste removal.

2. Reduce the Risk of Health and Safety Hazards

A dumpster does not provide an effective method for storing waste. When the dumpster is full or the lid is left open, garbage may spill out onto the ground. In some areas, this spilled garbage may create a health or safety hazard.

Employees or customers may slip and fall due to the spilled garbage. Exposure to certain types of waste may also lead to health issues. These problems are avoided when a compactor is used to securely crush the waste. After compacting the waste, it is stored in a secure container until collected.

3. Compactors May Help Eliminate Unpleasant Odours

An advantage of using a compactor that is often overlooked is the elimination of garbage odours. A standard dumpster or garbage bin does not provide an effective solution for containing odours from the waste.

With a compactor, the trash is contained inside a sealed container, which limits the spread of unpleasant odours. As the compactor also provides a simple method for disposing of waste, there is also less spillage near the designated trash disposal area, which also helps to prevent unwanted odours.

4. Prevent Animals and People from Rummaging

A dumpster or garbage bin is not difficult for an animal or a person to access. If the dumpster or bin is overfilled, an animal can easily find a way inside. People can simply lift the lid open and climb inside. These issues create several potential problems.

An animal may create a larger mess, spreading garbage around the trash site and increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents. People who access the dumpster may also injure themselves. In some areas, the business may be held liable for these injuries.

A compactor can help prevent unwanted access to the trash. As the trash safely contained, it is more difficult for a person or animal to gain access to the trash.

In the end, a compactor provides an efficient way to reduce the amount of waste that exits the business. Using a compactor, businesses may reduce the overall cost of their waste removal, increase the safety of their worksite, and maintain a cleaner work environment.


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