4 Important Factors in Choosing Care Options for Your Child

It’s fair to say that there are few decisions that you’ll make in the course of your being a parent that are more important than deciding what kind of care your child is going to get from a young age. On the one hand, we all want what’s best for our children. That’s one of the great, truly inspiring universal constants of the human condition, and you’re sure to want your child to have all the advantages imaginable. On the other hand, you don’t want to wind up paying an arm and a leg for child care. Besides cost, however, the question remains– what are the most important factors in care selection?

1. Private Care vs. Home Daycare vs. Daycare Centres

There are three basic forms of care for children, each with their own virtues. Private care – which typically stands in for care via nannies or other specialists – can be a great way to give your children one-on-one care from an elite caregiver. By contrast, daycare centres are the polar opposite, allowing your child to socialize with many other children at a well-staffed facility. Home daycares meet the two somewhere in the middle.

2. Breakdown by Province

There are obvious pros and cons to each approach. According to a 2011 General Social Study, chances are good that if you live in Quebec, Ontario, or the Atlantic Provinces, you may favour daycare a bit more than others. Nannies and other forms of private care for children is at its peak in the Atlantic Provinces, with 44% of parents taking that route there for children under four as opposed to just 16% opting for home daycare. Quebec was the polar opposite, with 50% of respondents utilizing home care as opposed to private nannies, while also seeing the greatest usage of daycare centres (38%) followed by the Atlantic Provinces and Ontario (36%).

3. The Cost

Of course, cost, as is so often the case, also plays a big role. Here again we see a dramatic split between provinces, with Quebec paying the least in terms of monthly child care Hamilton costs at $152, while Ontario stood at the other end of the spectrum at $677.

4. Satisfactory Care

The good news for Canadian parents is that, no matter your choice, across the board, satisfaction with care services for children is quite high. 69% reported themselves as being “very satisfied” with care arrangements for their children, while 29% said they were “satisfied.” Quebec had the highest number of unsatisfied parents despite the province’s subsidized care system.

Give your child every advantage with a great care option today.


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