4 Important Qualities of a Child Care Service

The year immediately after giving birth to your child is special. This is the time that allows you to bond with the child and spend time with him/her. However, the time comes when you need to return to work and this can be a time of anxiety for some parents as they think of leaving their son and daughter in the care of someone else, usually a child care provider.

If you began your search for a child care service, you are probably aware of the many different options available to you. However, because the place you choose will have the enormous responsibility of looking after your child every day that you are at work, it is not a choice that should be taken lightly.

Below are factors to consider when choosing a child care service. Being mindful of them will ensure you are sending your son or daughter to a competent provider able to provide the care that your child needs.

1. Certifications

When a child care service is accredited or certified, this means that they abide by the rules and regulations set out by the agency that governs the area. This is the type of service you want to send your child to.

Child care services usually come in two forms: facility or in-home. Child cares at facilities are almost always certified but when considering a company, be sure to ask for proof of certification. In-home services consist of providers that look after children at their houses. These types of services are not required to be licensed or certified, but it is crucial that you choose one that is. This will guarantee that there is proper oversight and your child will be safe and have his/her needs properly met while in attendance.

2. Safety

The safety of your child is probably the most important consideration when choosing a child care service. You need to inspect the location before choosing a service as you would hate to one day get a telephone call stating that your son/daughter was injured or worse.

Before choosing a child care service, attend each location that you are considering and spend time in the space that your child will have access to and be supervised in. Ensure your child’s ability to get to things that will harm him/her are restricted by safety mechanisms like childproof gates, drawer locks, and electrical outlet covers. Also confirm that the location has security measures in place that monitor people coming and going.

3. Stimulating

While the safety of your child while at daycare should be first and foremost, you definitely do not want him/her to be plopped in front of the television all day. You want your child to learn and socially interact with other children as these two goals are the foundation of healthy childhood development.

When looking at different child care service options, confirm that there are activities available that will stimulate your child and allow him/her to continuously be learning. These include puzzles, blocks, educational television programming, and books. Also ask to see a daily schedule and confirm that there will be ample opportunity for your child to enjoy some physical activities. Choosing a child care service that supervises children around the same age as your child will allow him/her to make friends and build on social and teamwork skills.

4. The provider

The provider of the child care Hamilton service that you choose will be the person that keeps your little one safe and make sure he/she gets everything they need to be content and healthy on a daily basis.

While there is no universal test to determine provider suitability, pay close attention to their words and actions when you visit child care providers that you are considering. Make sure that they are kind to the children and provide an adequate amount of affection when needed. A good provider will also participate in activities with the children and will be attentive at all times.


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