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5 Moving Tips for Canadians

Moving across Canada can be a costly business, especially when you have not planned for it. You need to be careful when choosing a moving company for you moving needs. Here are four tips for moving across Canada.

1. Obtain a Detailed Cost Estimate

Beware of a mover who fails to send their employee to your home to assess the items being moved and to discuss your options. A visit is the only way the mover can give you a precise cost estimate and guarantee. The estimate needs to have a breakdown of all expenses, including taxes, packing, transportation, fuel, surcharges, and more. Beware of movers who just offer a “per pound” cost or a total cost without documents for substantiation. Mostly, this kind of costs prompts the company to double the cost before delivery of your items.

2. Book Your Move in Advance

Planning your move in advance is good. This is particularly significant if you plan to move during the summer, which is a high season for the moving sector. Begin by contacting a few moving companies as early as possible and get estimations of the cost. After determining your mover, confirm the order for them to reserve a crew and a truck for that day. In this way, you will be assured of adherence to your moving schedule. Ensure you obtain a confirmation letter with all the essential details from the mover. In case of any critical changes before the move, make sure you contact the Vancouver moving company for changes in the cost estimate.

3. Verify the Qualification of a Moving Company

The internet has hundreds of moving companies that all claim to be the best at their job. Hence, you need to determine the best one by yourself. You can do this by obtaining recommendations from family, neighbors, co-workers, realtor, or friends. You can also get in touch with the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) or visit their site for a recommendation. Members of CAM are normally vetted and are subjected to high ethical and quality standards that are set by the association. Additionally, you can check for great movers with the Better Business Bureau. Pick a mover with their trucks, employees, and a physical location.

4. Be Keen Not to Hire Rogue Movers

Picking the right moving company is vital, particularly when you are moving across Canada. When you are entrusting your property to another person, you want to ascertain the reputation of the mover. For this reason, you need to beware of move brokers, who promote moving services but lack equipment, personnel, and a physical location. They are not real movers, and they normally turn customers over to a mover who will give them a commission.

To ensure the safety of your items and that you stick to a budget, be sure to follow these four tips. You will have an affordable and safe move.


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