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5 Tips for Moving in Bad Weather

Moving is quite stressful, and lousy weather only makes it worse. So, if your moving day is here and it’s snowing, extremely hot or pouring, you might be wondering how to crack things. Thankfully, you can still have a smooth move even when weather elements are not on your side. The first step is to hire a mover and then proceed with these steps.

1. Discuss your move

The chances are that you will predict what weather you will experience on your moving day. If you suspect that the weather conditions will be harsh, talk to the mover. Find out what their company’s policies are regarding moving in bad weather. Do they provide weather-proof packing materials? Does special care come at an added cost? Some firms do not offer moving services under harsh weather conditions.

2. Prepare for the weather

Although moving in unfavorable weather conditions is generally challenging, it’s not impossible. Proper preparation comes in handy. If the day is likely to be a hot one, make sure you pack enough water to stay hydrated. You should also wear light clothing and wear a hat to protect your head. Sunscreen is also a good idea if you are relocating on a hot day. If you are shifting on a cold day, wear warm clothes such as gloves, jackets, and hats. To prepare for the rain, wear your rain jackets and rain boots. Have plenty of umbrellas for the Calgary movers and your family too. Make coffee or tea to take as you move the items to the truck and during unpacking.

3. Pack diligently

If you know you will be moving in questionable weather, pay attention to how you pack your stuff. This is mainly during the winter and rainy seasons. Wrap the items or boxes with an extra layer of polythene to prevent the rain or snow from damaging them. Make sure your mover’s truck has a top cover to keep the weather elements at bay.

4. Take extra care of the pricey items

While you wrap all items with an extra protective layer, remember that expensive stuff deserves additional attention. Things like valuable art pieces and photographs should be given extra care to ensure they are not damaged. Besides, it would cost you a lot to replace such items.

5. Take pictures

Now that you are using a moving company, you might want to hold them accountable for damaged items, and you cannot do this without proper documentation. That is why you should take photos of the items’ state before the truck leaves and after getting to your home. When they arrive at your new place with dents, you will have proof to show; thus demanding accountability.


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