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5 Tips to Cut Down on Moving Costs

People move for various reasons from taking advantage of a different customer base, education to taking up a new job opportunity. It can open doors to opportunities, new adventures, and new people. However, it can be an expensive activity. Fortunately, you can still hire a moving company and still cut on moving expenses without compromising on the relocation process.

1. Make a moving budget

Moving is already taking up most of your time, and the last thing you want to hear is putting together a budget. While the relocating process is taking a toll on you, putting together a budget and moving plan will help you to keep track of activities. You need to plan ahead of your move; probably a month before so that you avoid last minute rush and making costly moving mistakes. Also, make sure that your budget includes an allowance for some unexpected bumps that might arise as you prepare for the move or even during the move. Do not forget to stick to your budget.

2. Move during off-peak times

You need to be flexible with your moving dates so that you can adjust accordingly. The trick here is to avoid moving during peak times or seasons because a moving company Vancouver will charge higher during these times than during off-peak times. You can ask your moving company its weekend rates and off-peak period. For starters, make sure you avoid end month moves because moving companies have high prices at this time. Consider fixing your move to mid-month to save on costs. Also, consider moving during winter months as opposed to summer months.

3. Get rid of what you don’t need

One of the determining factors for moving costs is the weight of items. Therefore, you can reduce your moving cost by getting rid of items that you no longer use or need. You can give away the things for charity or to companies that pick unwanted possessions from homes. The latter option gives you the chance to earn money, which you can use to pay for the moving costs. Alternatively, you can recycle the items.

4. Cover your items

Check with your insurance company to know how much it would cost to cover your goods in transit. Most moving companies cover your items, but not all cover for mishandling risks. You will save money in the long run if any of your items breaks.

5. Document and backup

Moving is usually a messy process. Therefore, you must ensure that you safeguard all your documents and paperwork so that you don’t spend money due to lost documents. Make sure you make copies of your original documents. Also, ensure that you write down all your items and confirm that you have all of them once you arrive at your new home or office.


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