5 Top Equipment and Methods to Detect Leaks in Food Packaging

If you are the manager of a food manufacturing company, you definitely understand the benefits of keeping the package sealed to prevent any leaks. Food leaking has been known to cause significant problems to the food itself, to the company, and even to the consumer. This explains why leak detection equipment is a substantial tool in food manufacturing and packaging organizations. Some of the equipment and methods used in detecting packaging leaks have been discussed below.

1. Vacuum Chamber

This method is mostly used by the organizations that ship their food products through air. Packaging is done with the view that it will not collapse and start leaking at very high altitudes. The vacuum chamber equipment is used in ensuring that packaging has been done professionally and the food can quickly be shipped as planned.

2. Immersion Equipment

This is another method that is used in detecting leaks for food packages that are likely to be shipped by air. Manufacturers have to submerge all the packages in water with the primary purpose of checking for bubbles. If the package produces a lot of bubbles, its bursting strength is considered to be very high, which means that it has to be sealed further to prevent any incidences of leaks. This technique is mostly used for test leaks in most of the containers that are known to contain air. Moreover, detection of bubbles means that the packaging has not been done professionally.

3. Gas Leak Detection Equipment

Gas leak detection equipment is mostly used to check for tiny holes in the packaging materials. This method has for an extended period been used in many industries around the world but is now a current fiasco in food manufacturing and detection sector. Manufacturers use this method and equipment to test whether gas is coming out of the package. Some of the commonly used gases are hydrogen, helium, and carbon monoxide.

4. Machine Vision Testing Equipment

This is a leak detection method that uses a camera, which is fitted on a computer, to detect any incidences of leaks from the package. Many food manufacturing organizations highly prefer this method because it can detect even the smallest leaks. It can also detect small holes of about five millimeters.

5. Using a Dry Chamber

Companies that manufacture and package beverages check for leaks by use of a dry chamber. Most of the drinks are placed in the chamber before they can be transferred into a vacuum. An absorbent material is used to test for any moisture in the dry chamber. Any form of moisture means that the leak has been detected.

There are multiple leak detection equipment and leak detection methods that food packaging organizations use. The type of the method and equipment used mostly depends on the food being packaged and the shipment method. For a better understanding, Flexpak inc has many resources available for reference.


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