6 Essential Skills Your Kid Will Learn at a Child Care Centre

Enrolling your child in a child care environment can be daunting for any parent returning to work. Having to leave your kid with somebody else can be scary. However, child care can equip your little one with many essential skills. Here are just a few:

1. Sharing

Many toddlers and young children have difficulty when it comes to sharing; we often hear children fighting and screaming, “no, that’s my toy.” This is more prominent in children who have never attended a child care centre, particularly children without any siblings. Children who attend child care centres learn to share more quickly as it becomes a big part of their daily activity. They must wait patiently for their turn and then they must give the prized item to another child once their time is up.

2. Motor Skills

Exposure to children who are already ahead of them in terms of physical development and achievements can be a great motivator for children who are yet to get moving. Watching other toddlers walk and climb can really encourage a child to want to achieve that themselves, and so, they are likely to progress faster in terms of their motor skills.

3. Socializing

Children who stay at home on their own with their parents often only socialize with their mothers, fathers, and a select few other family members. This can hinder their social development. Attending a child care centre can allow for regular interaction with other children and, in turn, the successful development of social skills within their own age bracket, making it much easier when they must transition to kindergarten.

4. Discipline and Routine

Many children lack discipline and routine due to a lack of strict rules at home. At a child care centre, the child will learn to follow a strict set of rules, teaching them to adhere to important principles. Routine attendance can also be ideal for preparing a child for the future life of school, college, and work.

5. Independence

Independence is a critical trait that we must all achieve at some point in life in order for us to progress within our careers and social lives. However, many adults still lack independence even in their later lives. Going to a child care Hamilton centre can encourage this from a young age, preventing the child from being too reliant or dependent on their parents.

6. Academic Skills

At home, there is a lot of play, and many parents don’t include academics in their toddler’s activities. Although young, even small babies can benefit from learning at a very young age. Simple things such as shapes and colours can be the starting point of developing a skill set that will help them continue to learn and focus in later life.

Child care centres are beneficial to every child, and it is important to remember just how much they can add to the lives of young children. You may be hesitant to drop off your toddler at a child care centre now, but know it’s often the best option, both for you and for your child.


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