6 Significant Features Needed In Leak Detection Equipment

Leak detection equipment is one of the more important quality control assisting devices that any food manufacturer can have. Ensuring the foods heading out the door are safe to eat and of the best quality is how you develop a reputation for caring about the foods you create. Below are six important features you need in leak detection technology.

1. Dependability In Detection

The best leak detection equipment on the market will do the average food manufacturing company little good if it’s in need of repairs more than the time it spends detecting problems. Dependability in detection is a critical part of keeping the packaging line moving and meeting order demands. The equipment should work either online or offline, depending on the particular design and testing method used.

2. Reliability of Results

Is the equipment known for reliable results? Have the problems detected proven to be correct? Reliability is as important as dependability. Shipments of packaged food items heading to all types of destinations need to have the seal of guaranteed freshness and safety that accurate and reliable leak detection brings. You can feel more confident that everything is reaching your customers in the fresh condition you planned.

3. Easy to Use

Equipment for leak detection shouldn’t be cumbersome or difficult to operate. It’s beneficial to the food manufacturing and distribution industry that it be easy to train individuals to operate the equipment. Overcomplicated processes will make it difficult to have dedicated employees for operation. Being able to cross-train for detecting work is an added benefit.

4. Fast Detection Capabilities

The packaging portion of food manufacturing is the finishing part of the process. It will quickly head out to market once this part is done. Leak detection has to be done quickly in order to keep the line moving. Offline detection equipment can be set up in an area that doesn’t affect the speed of the packaging line.

5. Sensitive Leak Detection

The slightest leak in food packaging can cause tremendous problems with food safety and quality. It’s important to have equipment that can detect the slightest leaks that can compromise the food products. Sensitivity in leak detection helps find problems faster.

6. Affordable for Purchase and Service

Affordable equipment for leak detection is more than the initial cost. The routine maintenance and repairs need to be within reasonable margins. Equipment durability is another determining factor when finding the right equipment for your food packaging operations.

Choosing the right leak detection equipment will keep the foods you package in the best possible condition for the market.


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