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6 Tips for Smooth Office Move

Moving offices can be expensive, overwhelming, and time-consuming. A poorly managed or planned office move can cause a headache to your clients, employees and suppliers alike. You can quickly forget some details when you fail to plan your office move. Besides hiring a Vancouver moving company, you should do other things to reduce the burden of moving your business.

1. Start the planning process early

You should start planning for your business move a few months in advance. You need like three months to plan and prepare to relocate your office even if you are relocating to the next building. Evaluate your office to decide the items to be moved and what you should securely eliminate or donate. You should coordinate giving or eliminating your office stuff before the moving day. Additionally, make sure you notify your employees about moving plans to ensure a smooth transition.

2. Prioritize your IT department

One of the tricks of smooth business relocation is prioritizing the IT department. Make sure you talk to your mover so that that the IT supplies are off-loaded before other supplies. It gives the IT team enough time to get to work immediately after arriving at your new office location to avoid interrupting essential operations. The IT department gets the chance to set up a network at the new office, connect computers and phones.

3. Tour the new office before the move

Every business owner wants a smooth transition of operations when moving offices to avoid affecting clients. Therefore, ensure that you tour the new business location before the move to be sure that everything is in place. Fix things that require repairs, come up with an office plan so that your mover knows where each item should be placed in the new office.

4. Assign tasks

Make sure you have a moving committee and come up with a list of tasks that must be completed within the timeline provided. Make sure you consider all the departments and common areas like reception and storage areas. Assigning tasks saves on time and ensures that everything has been handled before the moving date. Don’t forget to delegate the duty of finding a mover. And, avoid looking for a moving company at the last minute because you might fall for the wrong company or spend more money than is required.

5. Change your digital address

Don’t forget to change your digital address on your website and search engines. Your clients and suppliers ought to be up-to-date with such changes unless you want to lose your old customers. Also, remember to provide clear directions for your new office.

6. Arrange for coverage

The moving process will most probably affect your usual business operations. Thus, you should organize your employees so that you have an employee to offer continuous client support. Let your customers know that you might be slow at answering calls or returning emails.


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