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6 Ways to Make a Long-Distance Move Easier With Kids

As tough as a long-distance move is on the mover and adults in the household, it’s even more impacting to children. The process can seem boring and the thoughts of drastic change might seem scary. Below are six ways you can make a long-distance move easier with little kids.

1. Find Things Your Kids Will Like About the New Area

Do a little research to find activities and venues that your kids will love located in the new area you are moving. Movie theaters, shopping centers, parks, museums, amusement parks, and other attractions will make the new location seem exciting.

2. Plan for Schooling or Daycare On the Other End

Find out as much information as possible about the schools in the new area. You can also begin to seek out daycare services and have a few bookmarked to check on after your arrival. It can make the move seem less stressful to have a plan for the other side.

3. Allow Children Room to Feel Sad About Moving

You may have moved a few times in your life, but this could be the first experience for your kids. It can come with some sadness if they are leaving behind friends and everything they are familiar with as far as a home and neighborhood. Give them the room to feel sadness about an impending move.

4. Let Children Help Sort Items to Be Packed or Given Away

Children can find moving an adventure if they are included in parts that are safe. Getting them to help sort through toys and other personal belongings to make decisions on whether items get packed or donated gives them some level of feeling control over the situation.

5. Have a Safe Location for Children to Be On Packing Day

When you hire a professional mover to handle the details of your move, the safest thing to do is have a friend or relative that can provide an area to play and hang out while the furniture, appliances, and boxes are loaded. It’s the best way to ensure your children are not accidentally hurt during the packing process.

6. Bring Plenty of Activities and Snacks for the Trip

The actual trip can be a miserable experience for all involved if you don’t bring enough activities and snacks along. Bring coloring books and small toys to help keep them distracted from the long journey. Make periodic stops for the kids to run around at rest stops or small parks. Carry healthy snacks like apples, oranges, or raisins.

The better you prepare your kids for a long-distance move, the more pleasant the experience will be both during and after. For more information, please check out the Matco moving solutions website.


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