7 Ways to Lessen the Stress of Divorce

Making the decision to get a divorce is life-altering for most people. With that decision comes added stress and anxiety. Below are seven ways to help minimize the stress of a divorce.

1. Build an Emotional Support System

Feeling emotionally supported during the turmoil of a divorce is essential for your mental, emotional, and physical health. It’s even more important if it involves working out custody arrangements and child support. Separating lives to live individually when you have been a team for many years can be stressful and confusing. Make sure you have friends in your corner.

2. Leave the Kids Out of Divorce Conversation

Nothing can heighten stress more than dragging the kids into divorce conversations and making them feel as if they need to pick a side. Answer the questions they have reasonably, but keep any bitterness with your spouse away from the children. It’s normal for them to want to maintain a relationship with both parents.

3. Don’t Get Involved in Arguments

Settle disagreements in court or through your attorney. Never get into an argument with your estranged spouse. Verbal arguments can lead to physical altercations when emotions get out of control. Save the battles for the courtroom.

4. Use Legal Mediation

Use legal mediation services to settle disputes or to try and come up with a settlement. A mediator is experienced in legal matters and in keeping the situation calm and productive. It gives you someone you can directly address without having to talk directly with your estranged partner. The process is usually smoother and safer.

5. Have Your Lawyer Discuss the Parenting Plan Agreement

Rather than coming off as an accusatory person or that you are being unreasonable, have your lawyer address matters with any existing or potential parenting plans. The family lawyer is experienced and knows how to approach the situation with the best interest of the kids in mind. You won’t have to feel stressed out about getting important points across.

6. Be Reasonable in Settlement Demands

Too often movies push us to act out in ways that aren’t in line with real-life situations. You may want to have a “War of the Roses” but is it productive? As difficult as it may seem, be reasonable in settlement demands. If you want to learn more, the Matrimonial Home website has plenty of useful information and resources.

7. Avoid Making Rash or Vengeful Decisions

Making decisions based on raw emotion or wanting to “get back” at your soon-to-be-ex, the decision will most likely end up backfiring. ALways make decisions based on healthy motivations and in the interest of moving forward with positive energy.

Hire an expert family lawyer if you have decided to seek a divorce and stress is making the process difficult.


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