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8 Creative Things to Do with Boxes in Your Home

It used to just be around the holidays or your birthday when you would have an abundance of boxes around that you didn’t know what to do with. Now, thanks to the convenience of online shopping we all have a steady stream of cardboard boxes coming into our doors on a regular basis.

The big question is, what should we do with the boxes? It seems environmentally irresponsible to just recycle all of them. Surely there is a way to reuse them before we flatten them and hope they are recycled into something else useful. After all, it is supposed to be ‘Reuse, Reduce, Recycle’ in that order if possible.

There are plenty of ideas when it comes to reusing your packaging boxes in a creative manner. Here are eight creative things to do with boxes and give them a second life as something else:

1. Gift tags

Gift tags are creative things to do with the boxes in your home. This is especially useful if the item that you received in the box is a gift. Simply take an area of the box that doesn’t have anything printed on it and cut out any shape you like and then use a hole punch to make a hole in it. With a little ribbon to attach it to your gift, you have the perfect custom made gift tag.

2. Postcards

Did you know that you don’t have to buy your postcards? You can actually make your own, put a stamp on them and send them through the mail. This is also a very cost-effective way to send out thank you notes. If you have received a gift from someone, then instead of using up more card or paper to send a thank you letter, just use the box that the gift came in.

3. Napkin rings

If you are planning to host a dinner party in the near future, why not go the extra mile and wow your guests with napkin rings? These creative items can look very fancy, with only a little effort. Simply take a piece of cardboard and shape it into a 2-inch long cylinder and use tape to seal it. You can then cover with fabric or paint to give it any look that you want.

4. A spaceship

We don’t mean that you are going to be able to literally build a Saturn V rocket with just a cardboard box of course. Just that when you give a child a large box, their imagination will run wild. You can have hours of fun with your kids as you build everything from spaceships to suits of armour with leftover cardboard boxes. This can be a really fun activity that will last hours. This can be a great way to not only play but encourage skills like painting, drawing, writing and much more.

If you have a lot of large boxes you can even make a cardboard fort with tunnels and all sorts of fun additions. They also make a great addition to any blanket fort as well.

5. Storage/Donations

When you have a box that is empty, why not see if there is anything that you can put into storage right away. This could be something that you won’t need for a few years, or simply something that you are sure you don’t need every day, but want to hold onto. Clearing out some of the space in your closet only takes a minute and with the cardboard box, you have the perfect place to put these items.

You can also think about donating some clothes or other things to a local charity. Giving them the goods in a box will be very much appreciated as they can then sort through the items and still have a handy box to use for their own storage purposes.

6. A toy for pets

Depending on how destructive your pet is you might be able to keep them entertained for a few hours with a cardboard box. Cats, in particular, are fond of anything that they can scratch up against so if you were looking for a low-cost scratchpad you can make one very easily from a cardboard box.

7. Furniture sliders

If you have hardwood floors, then you know all about having to keep the legs of your furniture from touching the floor’s surface. With a little bit of cardboard and some duct take you can make a great and cheap set of sliders for any piece of furniture.

8. Eliminate weeds

If you are very protective of your flower bed but are constantly finding it overrun with weeds, an old cardboard box can save the day. Just put a few pieces of cardboard on your weed-prone area, and then cover with soil. This will prevent anything from growing where it shouldn’t so that you can sit back and enjoy your perfectly landscaped garden.