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8 Tips for Buying Pet-Friendly Furniture

Pets are adorable, and having one in your home can be extremely therapeutic. Whether it’s a dog or a cat, pets have a way of stealing our hearts – and our homes. Keeping your furniture looking tidy and clean can be a challenge with pets around. Dogs drool, kittens may go outside their litter box, puppies might pee on the couch, and most pets tend to shed – a lot.

Furniture is expensive. It’s not practical to keep buying new furniture every year due to pet damage. The key is to buy pet-friendly furniture that is easy to manage, even with pets around. Among issues you should consider are the fabric used on the furniture and how easy it is to clean it. As a rule, the material should be machine-washable or cheaply replaceable. It should also be durable and stain-resistant, and it should easily conceal fur and stains.

However, there is pet-friendly furniture you can buy to keep your home habitable and comfortable for all the residents, pets included. Below are eight tips that will help you purchase pet-friendly furniture.

1. Choose Stain-Resistant Furniture Fabrics

Sofas, couches and chairs for your living room should feature stain-resistant fabrics. Animal cruelty-free materials such as Ultrasuede, Crypton and microfiber are great pet-friendly stain-resistant fabrics you can use on your living room furniture. Besides being stain-resistant, they are also easy to clean.

Another ideal choice is cruelty-free faux leather. This type of pet friendly furniture is durable, easy to clean, and highly resistant to scratches from your puppy’s nails, especially if they are properly trimmed.

2. Choose the Right Furniture Décor

Your throw pillows should have washable covers. Being able to easily wash the stains off the bedding in your living room will be a great relief. The throw pillows also shouldn’t be made of a material that attracts hair. They should also be machine-washable to avoid frequent trips to the dry cleaners.

3. Choose the Right Furniture Colour

Choose a fabric that conceals your pet’s fur colour. For instance, if your pet has white fur, avoid darker fabrics. On the other hand, if your animal has dark hair, avoid light-coloured fabrics. However, if your materials are machine-washable and easy to clean, the colour of your pet’s fur is not a big issue.

Multi-coloured, complex patterns are also the ideal pet friendly furniture since they easily conceal your pet’s hair.

4. Choose Machine-Washable Rugs

Use area rugs that are easily replaceable or machine-washable rather than carpeting the home. Alternatively, consider installing tile or hardwood flooring instead of carpets since the latter has the tendency to absorb odours and hold in fur. While pets are adorable, their smells and fur can be off-putting.

Area rugs are easy to replace should the odours and stains get out of control.

5. Choose Stable Furniture with Rounded Edges

With pets around, it’s impossible to keep your home free of mishaps. Young pets are known to rough up your house. If your furniture is not stable, you may end up with frequent accidents such as lamps falling off unsteady tables. Further, go for pet friendly furniture with rounded edges as opposed to those with pointed edges to prevent pets from harming themselves while running around.

Should you use glass furniture, make sure it’s sturdy and robust enough to remain standing even if your pet stands or jumps on it. Hang your photos and artwork in such a way that your pet won’t reach them. Further, be extremely careful how you mount photos and artwork above the couch.

6. Use Furniture Pieces as Blockers

Small furniture items such as ottomans are perfect for blocking off areas you don’t want your pet near. If they can’t access these areas, fragile items beyond your homemade gate will be less exposed to hazards, such as breakages caused by a tail-wagging pet.

7. Buy Inexpensive Furniture

You can get beautiful pet friendly furniture at a fraction of the cost. You don’t have to break the bank to have exquisite furniture in your home, especially if you’re concerned that your pet will quickly damage it.

All you have to do is visit used furniture stores for the best bargains. This is an important consideration since, with pets around, you may have to replace your furniture regularly due to scratches, odours, or general destruction!

8. Get Attractive Furniture for Your Pets

Pets will stay off your furniture if theirs appears more attractive, and if they are placed near their favourite human. Buy scratching posts and add them near your couches or furniture you don’t want your pet to scratch. You should also buy them appealing pet beds to keep them off your furniture.

Train the pets to use their own furniture so you can keep yours safe. Place pet beds in strategic places around your home where they can be near people, or where they can see their favourite people. This not only keeps your furniture protected, but it’ll keep your pets happy.