Hi, I’m Bron

Hi, I’m Bron

Hi, I'm Bron, the stylish mum behind this blog.

I was a  teacher with a wardrobe of cool, corporate clothes who got lost in the style wilderness that is motherhood.  After having 3 babies in 2 years I felt that my life had changed so radically and my wardrobe was struggling to keep up.  I knew I needed to invest in myself.

I started to read every style blog, book and magazine I could get my hands on.  I wanted to learn everything there was to know about style and trained as a personal stylist.  Little did I know all those years ago that style takes time. Style does not come instantly to anyone. It takes time, energy and effort.  It takes mistakes.  Most of all it takes courage.

With my newfound courage I started this blog. Originally called Flat Bum Mum for my less-than-stellar posterior I created a space that was all about styling motherhood.  As the blog grew I introduced a fun way for mums to connect on Instagram.  #Real Mum Style was a way for mums across the globe to share their real life style.  The good, the bad and the pulled from the floor-drobe.  With thousands of mums posting style pics each week the hashtag became a favourite hang out for mums to connect and chat about fashion.

I decided to change the blog name to Real Mum Style to better reflect my focus.  I write for women everywhere but my passion is helping mums navigate their way out of the style wilderness.  I want to help women step into their own true style and be  fabulous every damn day!!!

My message to all mums out there...

  • Accept who you are.
  • Change what you can and
  • style the sh*t out of what's left.


So now what?

Now you can feel free to stalk around this site for hours on end.  Wander around and grab my wardrobe, beauty and style tips.  If you love what you see I would LOVE you to share Real Mum Style with your friends and family.  Clicks, comments and shares are what keep this blog in business and I really appreciate the time you take to comment or share my blog posts. 


But wait there's more?

You didn't think I'd let you go without the steak knives did you? Jokes!! You don't need to waste precious fashion cash on steak knives.  What you can do with that money you throw at online shopping each month is devote just $25 AU to me to learn the basics of style in my 4 week course.

Style Reset(3)

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Or, why not book yourself in for a style session with me.  I will detox your wardrobe, shop like a superstar and have you feeling a gazillion bucks all for the price of a new winter coat?  How's that for value?  I also run fundraiser styling workshops for schools and kinders.


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Not keen on style but wanna meet some other mums?  Why not join me at one of our Mum Squad events?  We run events across Australia and have a super secret Facebook group for you to join too.  Motherhood is so much better in a squad!

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When I am not styling clients, chasing kids or building my blog empire I can be found hanging out on Social Media. Find me on Facebook and Pinterest but know that my heart belongs to Instagram and my #RealMumStyle hashtag.

Until we meet again...

Stay Stylish. xo