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This post is brought to you by the brightening power of Trefiel


With the arrival of summer my skin has started to take a beating.  The heat makes is dry and flaky and the constant application of sunscreen gives me oh-so-gorgeous pimples on the chin and forehead areas.  Blerrrgghhh! When Trefiel sent me some masks to try I was in that bathroom before you could say “me time.”

Trefiel masks come in Brightening, Repairing, Moisturising and Firming

You can buy Trefiel masks in a pack of 4 for $32.95

new-you-pack-uai-516x516or in singles for $9.95

Trefiel-Singles-Repairing-Shadow-1200px-uai-516x516The added bonus of this sheet mask is just how pretty you feel wearing it!  Wanna see???



I tested the Brightening mask just before Christmas for a little face pick me up.  My skin was showing the effects of a few late nights and a champagne (or ten) so I wanted to give the old complexion a big boost before the man in red arrived.



The mask comes in two pieces.  The top half makes you look like a lacy superhero.  Once you have the two pieces overlapped and in place that’s your cue to lie the hell down and rest for 30 minutes.  This was my favourite part!

I always follow instructions and Trefiel told me ” Relax for 15-30 minutes.  Pop a bottle of champagne. Meditate. Netflix on the couch.  They’re all good options.” Who am I to argue??  I flopped myself on the couch with the TV on and a magazine in hand.  I was also kid free at the time so you can basically call it a state of Nirvana.

Extra tip: When you open a sheet mask there is often a lot of good juicy ingredients left in the pack.  I like to scoop that goodness out and rub it on my neck and backs of my hands.


Trefiel have a huge social following thanks to their cute @trefiel selfies.  So many gorgeous ladies with so much fabulous skin.  Go and check them out on Instagram @Trefeil.

Wanna see the results?? I knew you would…

Ready?  The big peel ( I mean reveal.)

After the brightening mask my skin was beautifully hydrated.  I didn’t wash my skin afterwards and just let the moisture sink in.  I had a much more smooth and even skin tone and makeup was a dream to apply the next day.

I’m off to order my New You Four Pack right now.

Happy new year everyone! May your 2017 skin be clear and bright.

Stay stylish. xo

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