Life as a BLONDE!

I am a hair chameleon from way back! You can check out some of my recent styles here. My most recent trip to the hairdresser involved a whole lotta peroxide to bring me from foil blonde to full blown BLONDE!

blonde hair postThe scruffy afternoon mop

I had a full scalp bleach and I knew the only way to keep this hot new shade was to invest in some Purple toner ASAP! That’s when I was sent these amazing Davines products from Facial Co to try.  Perfect timing for my blonde locks.

Davines are sustainable haircare products with a cult following.  Of course I was more than happy to join the cult if it meant perfectly blonde locks.  You can read more about Davines here or shop their range on Facial Co (Did I mention you get $10 off your first order?)

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for the last month and my hair has been thanking me with bright, white blonde.  No brass to be seen!

Wanna know my hair care routine?

When I had darker hair I needed to wash it every two days but with my bright blonde I try to wash as little as possible.  Once or twice every week is where it’s at for me.

davinesDavines Alchemy Silver Shampoo $31 and Conditoner $39.95.


I do a double wash with the shampoo.  It’s quite light and doesn’t lather like crazy which I like.  I use a small amount and get a bit of a lather going then I wet again (but I don’t rinse it all out – just wetting what’s already there) and add a bit more shampoo and give a good old scalp scrub.

Davines(1)Check out that sweet purple gloopy goodness! My hair LOVES it!

After the double wash is done I use this incredible, thick purple cream condioner.  I always use a masque conditioner on my ultra-thick mop and this Davines Alchemy cream has all the goodness of a masque with the added bonus of purple power.  I condition all over my hair (not just the ends) and let it sit in there for as long as possible.


The final piece of my hair care puzzle.  Dry with a towel and shake with fingers.  THE END!  Oh… Sometimes I go totally rouge and use a bit of hubby’s hair paste stuff to add a bit of texture once it’s dry.

Davines have loads of options for different hair colours.  Check out their range here.


Give me a giggle and tell me about your best and worst hairstyles in the comments below!!!

Stay stylish. xo

bron small




*Items in this post were sent to me for review.  The opinions and hairstyles are all my own.

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