New Hair and Other Happenings

You may have noticed I lost some weight lately.  In the form of about a kilo of hair.

I had been tempted by the likes of Robyna, Nikki and Jo to snip myself into shape.  I wasn’t sure how short I wanted to go but the lure of less shampoo and conditioner consumption was very tempting.

A brief history of my hairstyles (These are the ones I had photographic evidence of!)

Hairstyles(1)I have ranged from super cropped to super long and taken on most of the Napro Live colour range from the local supermarket in my teen and adult years.   I been known to say  “I will never have short/long/blonde/brown/red hair again” and had to eat my words when on a whim I decide to have a change.

To me hair is an expression of how I am feeling and I love to change things up and shake up my style.

Of course on the day of my big change I had an awesome hair day.

hair 6I wavered slightly but I knew I wanted a change.

hair 4On with a gazillion foils.

hair 3The sexy green look

hair2The final result!  Chop-tastic right?

hairAnd, here is the back view.

With blonder hair I know I need to be careful about breakage and damage so I have enlisted the help of my L’oreal goodies from their recent event. (These items were gifted to me)

Hair Stuff Loreal

I use the Oil in Cream first to make the ends soft without looking oily.  I have been sloshing this all over my daughter’s thick, unruly manes too.

I then let my hair dry for a bit on it’s own to give it a bit of texture and volume.  Then I add the Heat Protect before giving it a quick blast with the dryer or curling wand.

Tell me, what are your short hair tips?  Got any amazing blonde brands I should be trying to avoid the brassy tones?  I would love to know your hair story.  Go on, lay it on me in the comments and let’s bond over our follicles.

Until next time.

Stay stylish.

bron small




  • Gorgeous mumma, inside and out!! I’ve only ever had long to medium length hair. Must feel liberating to chop it all off! X

    • Thanks gorgeous! I can’t wait to show it off to you in person. See you in a week!! Countdown to Bad Moms is ONNNNNNNN!!!!

  • LOVE IT! I ended up going back the following week, after my chop. It just wasn’t working for me but I couldn’t seem to convince the hairdresser to do anything about it. I ended up coming home with product but the hair still isn’t working for me. I initially asked for them to take a lot more off than they did. It is falling out in clumps. Instead they worked around the clumps. It works, when they do it but I can’t get the same results at home without a whole lot of effort. Too much effort. I think I might go back or find a new hairdresser and opt for something like yourself.

    • Raych. I think you just have to work around the clumps. I don’t often do my hair, I just let it do whatever it does. I do wet it if it’s sticking out like a peacock. haha. x

  • Your hair looks great. I found short hair much harder to maintain as you have to style it all the time. I have curly hair so it goes a little crazy when it is short. Jealous that you can colour your hair, I am allergic to hair dye so I am just hoping I don’t go grey any time soon.

  • Love the hair!!!!
    I use Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel. The shampoo and conditioner are fab, you can get them on line in big litre bottles. I also often shove coconut oil in my hair and regular trims.
    It’s a great look. Lovin it 😃

  • You’ve gotta check out the Marc Daniels Blue Cypress Blonde range, it’s cheap as chips, available at Woolies and Chemist Warehouse, and I’ve never known my brutally-blonded ends to be healthier and shinier!

  • Lovely hair style. It really suits you! Yesterday I needed to tame my thick short semi pixie style hair (because I need a trim desperately) and because my skin is a little inflamed at the moment I really didn’t want to put on any harsh chemicals. I looked at the jojoba oil sitting beside the bathroom sink and thought “That’ll do”. I used it sparingly so my hair didn’t go too oily – just enough to help smooth and take away friz and it was amazing! I was complimented so many times on how shiny and healty my hair looked. Couldn’t believe it.

  • I have short hair also. I always had long hair – always. But I was so boring, all the photos of me from when I was 20 through to when I was 40, my hair hardly changed – the most extreme was a bob. My Mum died of Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2013 and in 2014 I did the Worlds Greatest Shave. I didn’t go completely bald – I shaved off one half of my hair and got the rest styled in to a short ‘do’. I raised over $2000 and have had short hair ever since. I don’t think I’ll ever grow my hair again and can’t believe I had such boring hair for so long! I love your new do, it looks fab!

  • I’m going through “will I, won’t I” cut my hair. My hair has been grey for many years. Luckily for me it is very white and now very long. I find managing long hair much easier than a style I have to blow dry. I think I’m just lazy. At the moment, however, I’m thinking it’s just a tad too long. Maybe an inch or so off the end? I might be able to manage that.

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