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Four Reasons to Hire a Mover for a Cross-country Move

When you are planning a big cross-country move from Toronto to Vancouver or Regina to Ottawa, you will have a lot to manage. Fortunately, you do not have to do all of the work yourself. Hiring a mover for a cross-country move is a good idea. You will have less to do and more options for how to use your time. Consider these four reasons to hire a mover for your upcoming cross-country move.

1. Less for You to Do

Let’s face it, moving means a long to-do list. From changing your address with all of your services, subscriptions, friends and family to finding a new place to live, you will have your hands full. When you work with a team of movers, loading and driving your stuff from your old place to your new location will not be on your to-do list. Outsourcing that task will give you more time to rest, say your goodbyes and prepare your family for the next big adventure.

2. Movers Have the Right Packing Materials and Supplies

When you have fragile items, figuring out how to pack them properly and get them safely to your destination is a big challenge. You might feel stressed worrying about whether or not your grandmother’s china will make it intact if you have to be the one to pack it. When you allow the movers to do the packing, you can have faith that they will use the right packing materials to protect your one-of-a-kind items, family heirlooms and fragile treasures. They also have the right supplies to protect your basics, including furniture pads for your furniture and wardrobe boxes for your clothing.

3. Let the Mover Do the Heavy Lifting and Loading

If you have ever tried to pick up a big, bulky box and thrown your back out in the process, you know that heavy lifting and loading is tiresome and often painful. Hiring movers means you won’t have to wear yourself out or pull a muscle in your back. You can spend your time keeping up with your workout routine instead of pulling a muscle or straining a tendon.

4. You Can Drive, Fly or Take the Train to Your New Place

The idea of driving a huge moving truck from one end of the country to another may not appeal to you. Dealing with traffic, weather and road construction could wear on you. Let the movers deal with that. When you have movers transport your belongings, you can choose to drive your own car to your new place. Perhaps you would like to take the train or fly to your new home town.


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