Four Reasons to Hire a Specialized Commercial Litigation Lawyer

If you are preparing to hire a commercial litigation lawyer to learn more about your rights and about legal options available to your business, you may notice that some lawyers offer general business services and others specialize in a certain specialized niche. For example, some business lawyers specialize in corporate law or energy-related businesses.

1. Knowledge of Your Niche

When you choose to hire a specialized commercial litigation lawyer, the lawyer will have a solid understanding of your industry’s practices, standard operating procedures, challenges and more. This is information that may be invaluable in certain situations, such as when an attorney is negotiating on your behalf during a contract dispute.

2. Understanding of Specialized Negotiating Techniques

Knowledge of your niche is helpful with negotiations, but there is more involved in this. For example, there may be some negotiating techniques that may be more effective in your niche. Consider that some businesses rely heavily on business contacts and networking, and others rely on inventory or their business location in the city as crucial elements for their success. A lawyer with a greater understanding of your business niche and important elements that are necessary for success may be able to use these factors when developing negotiating techniques.

3. Experience with Industry-Relevant Contracts

Some types of contracts may be more relevant and common in specific industries than others. For example, mineral rights contracts are more common in agricultural and energy businesses. A lawyer who has experience in retail or manufacturing industries may not have any previous real-life experience working with mineral rights contracts. While a business lawyer may be able to work hard to prepare contracts in any niche, you may find that the contracts are more well-worded in some cases when they are prepared by lawyers with specific industry knowledge.

4. Understanding of Related Case Law

Likewise, understanding of case law related to a specific niche or industry is essential. Lawyers may be able to research case law as needed, but you may find that they are more effective in negotiations and can work more efficiently when they already have a background in your specific niche and in related case law. Because lawyers typically charge fees by the hour, their efficiency through prior knowledge of case law may help you to save money on legal fees.

There are numerous factors to consider when hiring a commercial litigation lawyer or contracting with a law firm. You understandably want to have a good rapport with an experienced lawyer with a good track record, but you can see that there are essential benefits that your business can take advantage of when you hire a lawyer with a specialization in your field or industry. An alternative, however, would be to hire a lawyer based on other criteria and to work closely with the lawyer so that he or she gains a clear understanding about your business over time.


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