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Four Reasons to Verify Your Moving Company’s Insurance Policy

If you are like many other people who are preparing to hire a mover, you may naturally assume that any legitimate company that you reach out to has an adequate liability insurance policy in place. While you may be aware that you should review the terms of coverage and ensure that the policy is active, you may overlook this step. After all, it may seem relatively useless and excessively time-consuming. Before you skip over this important step, consider these four reasons why you should verify your moving company’s coverage.

1. Some Companies Are Not Insured

It may be easy to assume that all movers are adequately insured, but the reality is that some service providers do cut corners in this area. Their premium for liability insurance can be expensive, and some moving companies do not buy coverage in an effort to boost their net profit. Others may not realize the importance of being covered. Avoid making the assumption that every mover is insured. If you want to learn more, visit Matco Moving.

2. Accidents Can Happen with Any Moving Company

Some people believe that insurance is not important if they hire a moving company that has excellent reviews. Reviews may talk about how efficiently the movers worked and about the extensive steps that they took to protect belongings from damage. Be aware that accidents can happen at any time regardless of the experience and moving strategies of the movers. Without coverage, you may be hard-pressed to get the movers to pay for damages that they cause.

3. Coverage May Lapse

Rather than simply ask if a company is insured, ask to see a copy of the insurance certificate. Confirm that the coverage extends through the date of your move. It is also wise to take the additional step of calling the insurance company to ensure that the premium has been paid and that the policy is in good standing.

4. Coverage May Not Be Adequate

As you review the insurance certificate, review the terms of coverage. Liability coverage should be more than enough to coverage damages to your most expensive items. If coverage is required in your state, it may be helpful to first learn what the state’s minimum requirements are. If your state does not have a requirement, research coverage requirements in other states so that you can estimate what reasonable minimum coverage limits are.

Any mover can damage any of your belongings throughout the moving process. You may experience substantial financial loss as a result of accidental damage. Your moving company’s liability insurance policy is a safeguard for you against this type of financial loss. Because of how important this coverage can be to your moving experience, always confirm active coverage before finalizing your hiring decision.


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