Birdsnest Changeroom Experience

I was offered the opportunity to trial the Birdsnest Changeroom experience.  As you can imagine I jumped at the chance.

Change Room

What is a Birdsnest Change Room?  It’s a shop at home system where you order up a storm through the Birdsnest Website and then try all the items in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Here’s how it works… 



1-Pick and choose a selection of clothes that you want to try at home. 

2-Try the clothes in the comfort of your own home (and your own mirrors)

3-Keep the ones you love and return the ones you don’t.

You can order up to $1000 worth of clothes for your Change Room Experience.  Don’t worry you can pay later using Zip Pay so you don’t need to stump up the whole amount at once.  Those Birdsnest babes have thought of everything. The whole system makes online shopping so much more satisfying.  You only keep the items that you L-U-R-V-E and the ones that fit.

Wanna step inside my change room?  I thought you might.



If you haven’t ordered from Birdsnest before you are in for a treat.  As a first time Birdsnester myself I was blown away by the quality of the website.  These birds have seriously got your style sorted.  They offer style profiling so you only order items that suit your body type and lifestyle preferences.  There are suggestions and great capsule collections for those who struggle to combine pieces.

 I decided to to a whole stack of dresses to update my collection and also to try out a few luxe brands that I might not usually try.



I was so impressed  by the quality of the items I ordered.  Each of the dresses had all my essentials; lovely matereial, cute patterns and of course colourful.  I carefully tried on each dress and had a good look in the mirror.  I gave each item a little test by asking myself these quick questions….

1- Does it fit comfortably?

2-Will I wear it/ Does it suit my lifestyle?



Ok, here we go.  These are the dresses I chose.  I only picked two in the end and I am having a little bit of regret about one that I sent back.  I’m still pining for it and I may just need to put in another order to reclaim it as my own.

On with the show…


BirdsnestBoom Shankar Playtime Jumpsuit $84.95 (Currently on SALE)

This Jumpsuit won my heart with it’s gorgeous, playful print.  I wanted to keep it sooooooooo badly but unfortunately my tall body in a jumpsuit spells camel toe disaster so it went into the returns pile.  Waaaahhhhh.


Birdsnest(3)Elise Bluebell Hibiscus Dress $179.95

The Elise brand is gorgeously feminine.  This dress is light and floaty but it still has structure and shape.  The pleats in the waistline drew attention to my belly so I decided this one was going back.  This was tough to say goodbye to because its just so spectacular.  If you are a lady with a gorgeous hourglass or pear shape go and stalk this dress immediately!!!

Birdsnest(2)Rebecca Ruby Elora Dress $109 (Currently On Sale)

Oh the sweet, sweet disguise of a patterned wrap dress.  I fell hard for this beauty.  Did she answer my two questions? YEP she did.  It fit really well and highlighted my best asset (the pins).  It’s also made of a gorgeous soft jersey which means it falls well and moves with my body.  It would work for all facets of my life, as a teaching dress, a mum life dress or as a stylist session dress.  Ding, Ding, Ding!  The first winner.  Into the keep pile she goes.  Mental note for later… Rebecca Ruby is a brand to try again. 

Birdsnest(4)Ojay Bold Stripe Dress $219 (on SALE)

It’s fresh! It’s nautical! It’s sooooooooo darn gorgeous.  This dress got about 4 try ons.  I kept going back to it because it’s really flattering and a great shape for me.  In fact it’s a great shape for most women.  The striped panels keep your eye moving and help to add to the illusion of a lovely silhouette.  In the end I had to say goodbye because this dress was just a little too dressy for my everyday life.  I’ve got my eye on it for any event that might pop up this year though.

Birdsnest(6)Leina Broughton Reversible Dress $199 (SOLD OUT)

This Leina Broughton dress is so well made.  It has a beautiful inner lining and drapes beautifully on the body.  It can be worn with a V neck or reversed for a boat neck.  Although I loved the colours I felt that the skirt was a little fuller than I like so with a heavy heart she got put into the returns bag.

Birdsnest(1)Ruby Yaya Kaftan Navy $159

It’s BOLD! It’s BIRGHT! It’s so much fun!!!! This kaftan dress had me umming and ahhhhing for a few days.  I kept trying it on and flip flopping about my choice.  I love how attention grabbing it is.  I love the fit and how it shows off my legs.  I could see myself wearing it for a girls day or night out.  And that is where the problem lies… it is a dress that doesn’t really fit my lifestyle. I can imagine wearing it to a cool, casual event (which I am not yet invited to).  So reluctantly I forced myself to slip her back into the returns bag.  She is still on my mind though.

Birdsnest(5)That Bird Label Hazel Wrap Dress $79.95

I felt a little like Christina Hendricks in this number.  It is a gorgeously cut shirt dress.  While florals aren’t usually my scene the colours in this dress make it feel modern and fun.  The cut is super flattering and the light material is perfect for all aspects of my life.  I could pop this on for a trip to the park with kids or for a day in the art room.  I will however be wearing a cami underneath to contain the chest when I wear this out into the world.  This sweet little retro dress was the second dress to make it into my ‘keeps’ pile.

And what would an online order be without a few accessories???

attica ovals birdsnest

waterrmelon birds

Both of these gorgeous necklaces are available in the SALE section for $9.95 each.  Yep, you read that right, $9.95.


The Birdsnest Change room was the perfect way to try before you buy.  It was so easy, super fast delivery and just so much fun.  For anyone who has had bad experiences with online purchasing this will restore your faith!  Perfect for mums or carers who are stuck at home, time poor working women or shopping centre haters.  Order your whole summer wardrobe in one hit or try a range of special occasion outfits in the comfort of your own home.  I had such fun playing in the Birdsnest Change Room and plan to be back in the change room very soon.

Stay stylish. xo

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