3 habits of stylish women

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Being a woman is tough.  We are all trying to look half-decent whilst juggling careers, caring for others, cooking (sometimes) and of course for the mums of the world raising children that are functioning members of society (no pressure).

Today I am here to tell you the three simple things that stylish women do.

Ready? …

Stylish women shop for their shape.

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They don’t buy into trends unless those trends suit them. They buy quality items that fit and flatter the shape they are, not the shape they hope to be after the Israeli soup diet. The key to nailing this tip is knowing your shape.


Stylish women edit their wardrobes.

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Women with a sense of style don’t allow crap to hang around in their wardrobes just because they got it on sale, spent a lot of money on it or were given it as a gift.  Clothes that don’t fit have no purpose in your wardrobe.  Get rid of that sh*t and make space for the good stuff to breathe. Need to clear out your cupbards? Click here for my 3 step guide.


Stylish women maintain their looks.

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No I am not talking about freezing our faces or going under the knife.  Stylish women maintain their hair cut and colour, pluck their eyebrows ( and other facial hair- eek), keep their nails neat and tidy.  These little jobs add up to a more polished look each and every day.


I hope these three simple style tricks will help you feel more fabulous each and every day.

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Tell me in the comments below, what is your one simple style tip?


Stay stylish. xo




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