3 Spring Trends to Try

With Spring springing all over my sinuses I know it must be time for hot hit list of all the items you will see floating past you at festivals and events this spring.  Who am I kidding, here’s the stuff you might wanna add to the school run or your trip to Coles.



As with all things fashion trends can be fickle and they are NOT for everyone.  If you don’t love a trend then just let it slide on by.  I will give you the pros and cons of each trend.  Just call me Dr Flat Bum as I explain in great scientific detail the pros and cons of each item.  Saving the world one outfit at time.



Mimco sandalMimco Sandals $299

Our feet are still craving these strap-tastic wonders.  We just love seeing our feet strapped up in string and this trend is not going anywhere.  If you missed the boat on strappy sandals last year, never fear they will still be going strong this year.


If you want to get involved in this trend here are my Pros:

  • Looks great on slim ankles
  • Looks great with a fake tan
  • Soooooo cute with floaty boho styling – if you are a boho babe then straps will be for you
  • Work well with rolled denim or denim shorts


And now for the cons :

  • Worn too tight your legs can look like sausages
  • Take a long time to get in and out of
  • Not for those with fuller (or fluid filled ankles) If your ankles expand during the day these might start to give you the mum sh*ts by the afternoon.
  • Circulation! Just remember your legs need blood supply so don’t strap them in too tight.




Philosophy Bayeux Top (Find a Stockist Here)

It’s everywhere!  There is no denying that a glimpse of shoulder is damn sexy.  There is also no denying that many of us require a bra with industrial size straps to hold our milk makers up and unfortunately the two don’t always go hand in hand.  Small boobs = go craaaaaaazy with this style.  Big honkers like yours truly = special occassion only (if you can muster those mo-fos into a strapless bra)

The pros:

  • Looks so damn good
  • Gives a lovely silhoette
  • Great tummy hiding properties in these flowy tops and dresses
  • Amazing to accentuate shoulders and necks

The cons:

  • Bra requirements are the main concern of this style
  • Can swamp smaller frames – choose your size carefully



spring-trends-to-try-embroiderySportsgirl Bomber $129

For those of us who lived through the 80s and 90s this is a bit of a flashback to our younger years.  Choosing embellishments will keep your look young and fresh but beware the over-embellishment.  You don’t want to look like you are the back up dancer for Salt n Pepa.  Then again….

The Pros:

  • Fun and funky
  • Gives a pop to your outfit
  • Adds a cool edge
  • A little goes a long way

The Cons:

  • This will most likely be a fast-turnover trend.  If you want to get in you should get in fast.
  • Can look a little childish
  • Takes a hit of confience to pull off (but totally do able)


Trends come and go with the passing seasons.  There is no reason to buy into a trend you don’t like or doesn’t suit you.  On the fashion flip side I do suggest trying something on before completely dismissing it.  So many of my clients are pleasantly surprised by things they tell me they could never wear.  Surprises are everywhere if we are open enough to being surprised.

Happy Spring everyone.

Stay sneeze free and stylish xo

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