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The girls from Kennedy’s Boutique were kind enough to send me some gorgeous summer pieces and I NEEDED to show you ASAP!

With Melbourne doing it’s crazy weather dance, swinging wildly between SCORCHER and COOL AND CLOUDY we have all been left guessing what the heck to wear.  Well these two pieces have me covered for the crazy heat as well as the cooler days.


First up…  the Sophie Tunic Dress

Kennedy's(5)Sophie Dress $129


I wanted to be sure this tunic would fit so I tried it on sans pants.  My children were horrified and said “mum! You have to wear some pants with that!” and of course they are right.  The side splits on this top/dress mean that it requires an under layer.  This could be a tube skirt in black or a bright contrasting colour.  It could be jeans in dark denim or even white.  It would be gorgeous wide leg pants or it could be pyjama pants.  Yep, you read that right.  I own a pair of PJ pants that fit so well I have started wearing them as day pants.  You may remember my love of wearing nighties as dresses and I really do have no problem dragging things out of the bedroom and into broad daylight.


Next up…. The Beachcomber dress.

Kennedy'sBeachcomber Heart Print Dress $119

The Beachcomber dress is the most flattering cut! It’s so lovely and loose but the curved hem gives it some shape and lets the legs shine.  Perfect as a cover up for the beach or dress it up with cute  wedges and a  denim jacket for a park hang or mum lunch.   The pattern doesn’t require many accessories but an armful of bangles or big hoop earrings would suit this style of dress perfectly. This style comes in loads of cool patterns so it’s worth having a stalk over at Kennedys to find your fave style.



kennedys promo code

If you want some new summer gear to get you through the crazy heat head to Kennedy’s and use the promo code 50Love for an extra 50% off!!  Happy shopping ladies.


Kennedy’s have a huge range of cute, affordable and fun fashion for every shape and size.  You can check out their WEBSITE or follow on FACEBOOK for all the important updates.

Stay stylish (And cool… or hot.  Who knows what might happen next.)

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