Hide a Mum Tum

I suffered with mum tum even before I had kids. Those who struggle with a mum tum (or any version of tummy) will no doubt be a fan of the long-line, loose top.  This is one great way to disguise a tummy.  It is also unfortuantely a great way to add bulk to your shape and undo all the good intentions.

Dressing a wobbly waistline is such a common complaint and there  are so many ‘RULES’ that just don’t apply to most mum tum sufferers.

Stylists usually fall  into one of two camps regarding the mum tum.  Either embrace the wobbles and let them shine or cover them in loads of material and end up looking bigger than you are.  The dilemma is real mummas.

Now I am sure many of you wont believe me when I say that the best way to disguise a mum tum (and in particular the muffin top that usually accompanies the good old mum tum) is to actually wear more.




Yep, I want you to add an extra layer to your outfit and watch the secret slimming powers at work.

Don’t worry I won’t leave you hanging.  I have got a pictorial guide using examples using my own less-than-stellar mid-section.




mum tum

I love the disguising power of a pattern.  This dress also has a nice tie across the waist which I hitch up above my belly button to my natural waist (that’s the slimmest part of your torso). So far so good.  Looking better than a big, baggy muumuu. But, I’m not done…

The first layer I add is a necklace.  The necklace draws your eye down my body rather than across my mid line.


Mum Tum Disguise Level 1 Completed.

mum tum

For a more advanced maneuver I like to add an extra layer.  My trusty denim vest is the ultimate accomplice in creating a slim shape.  By going rouge on the ‘rules’ and adding more layers I actually create a lovely horizontal opening that leads your eye up and down my body rather than across it.  Yep, I  fooled you in one swift move.

Mum Tum Disguise Level – Ninja Status Achieved

mum tum

The comparison shot.

It wont make you loose ten kilos but it is a subtle and simple trick that you can deploy any time you need to slim those sides.

If you want more tips on hiding a mum tum check out my post about disguising weight gain here.

Or you can check out all the other ways I styled my denim vest – from the redhead files.

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