School Mum Style

School is BACK baby!  All that freedom and sleeping late has been whisked away and it back to alarm clocks, school lunches and ALL THE ACTIVITIES!

One thing that you can control in all this madness is your School Gate Style.

school mum style

Here’s my guide to School Mum Style and looking your best at drop off.

Step 1 – Realise that you will not always look your best at drop off.  It is totally ok to burn into the car park late with weetbix stains on your top and pyjama pants on your bottom and plant a big wet one on your kids before they race across the school yard.  Totally OK!

Step 2- Pick your persona.  You can be an outfit chameleon if you like but for most of us its easier to stick to one style.  Here are a few examples:



Your spirit mum is Rachel Zoe

You are all about  maxi dresses with sandals.  You feel best in floaty things.  A hat makes you feel finished and sunnies only come in one size – giant.

 Boho Mum StyleDress: Sportsgirl  Sandals: Forever New    Bag: Tigerlilly Bangle: Lovisa

Boho Places to Shop:

Zimmerman $$$

Sportsgirl $

K mart $




Your spirit mum is Victoria Beckham (The recent years)

You are racing off to work so you need to look polished.  You look great in pencil skirts and blouses.  You rock a pant and pointy pumps like nobody’s biz.  Corporate mum style is essentially corporate style with a little more stain hiding.  Embrace the power of pattern and remember to pack a jacket or cardi for those freezing office temps.


school mum style corporate

Pants: Cue $179   Shoes: Nine West $149 Top: Target $35    Jacket: Veronika Maine $289

Corporate Places to Shop:

Veronika Maine $$$

Portmans $$

Target $



Your spirit mum is Lorna Jane

You head straight to the gym from school.  Leggings and a tee are your go to look.   Sweating always feels better in fabulous patterns.

school mum style Active Mum StyleTop: Running Bare $44   Shoes: Nike $180   Leggings: Active Truth $109  Hoodie: Adidas $65

Active Places to Shop:

LuluLemon $$$

Rebel Sport $$

Kmart $



Your spirit mum is Naomi Watts

You spend your time between the park and the supermarket.  Your outfit needs to be wash and wear and survive all the weird and wonderful situations that motherhood throws at you.

school mum style casualJeans: Target $29   Shoes: Converse $140 Sweater: Birdsnest Earrings: Birdsnest


Casual Places to Shop:

Sussan $$

Glassons/ Katies/ Sportsgirl/ Dotti $$

Kmart $



Your spirit mum is Gwen Stefani

No you don’t have beard and a man bun.  You do love to feel modern and your clothes are current and trendy.  Your style is usually edgy and relies on denim in varying degrees of distress.  Leather jackets are right up your alley too.

school mum style hipsterOveralls: Big W  Tee: Sass&Bide $285 Shoes: Adidas $200  Jacket: Target $59

Hipster Places to Shop:

Sass & Bide $$$

Glue Store $$

Forever New $



Your spirit mum is Michelle Williams

You love things that are a little bit different.  Patterns are totally your thing and you appreciate a good tassel.  You slide through your day in bright Salt Water sandals and have a wardrobe filled with dresses and skirts. You are happy to clash high and low end pieces and have no problem standing out in the crowd.

school mum style quirkyDress: Boom Shankar $77 (On Sale)  Salties (stockists)  Necklace: My Quirky V $30  Bag: Poltrona $229

Quirky Places to Shop:

Boom Shankar

Mister Zimi

Tree of Life




Your spiritual mum is Nicole Richie

In some ways you are similar to the quirky mummas.  You are happy to wear any and all colours as long as you are comfortable.  You are no stranger to a head wrap and your hair is usually piled high upon your head.  You like patterns and embroidery and enjoy wearing gypsy style jewellery which may or may not include a toe ring.

school mum style hippyJacket: Johnny Was $288 Skirt: Tree of Life $89   Sandals: Betts $69   Tank: Target $8

Hippy Places to Shop:

Johnny Was$$

Ishka $

Salvos Store $


Just because we popped a baby out of us does not mean we all need to look the same.  The shared experience of motherhood does not mean we all have the same taste, style or budget.  The outfits suggested above can all be modified into higher or lower price points to suit each mum.  My biggest advice is to buy what you love at the price you can afford and then wear the shit out of it.  No point owning 100 cheap t-shirts that barely get worn. Why not spend $100 on a t-shirt you love and could wear everyday.


Not sure which style suits you?  Why not jump on the list for my 2017 Style Reset class?  For $25 AU I guide you through the fundamentals of style.  Including:

Body Shape

Style Personality


I also give you my 3 step style system that makes getting dressed a breeze.


Pop your name on the list here and I will email as soon as class starts.

Stay stylish on the school run mums! xo

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