4 Reasons Why Couples Argue About Money

As every experienced family lawyer in Canada knows, money is the number one reason why couples get divorced. While disagreements about money are common, not all money problems are the same. These are the top four things people argue about when they fight about money:

1. Overspending

People often enter marriages with different ideas about how much they should spend. When someone who loves to shop marries someone who loves to be frugal, sparks can fly. Expectations about spending are often established in childhood. Kids watch how their parents spend and think that is the way it should be. Strong feelings about spending that conflict with a spouse’s beliefs can destroy a marriage. You may find more information at Matrimonial Home if you need additional resources.

2. Not Saving Enough

Just as spouses may have different expectations about spending, they also may have different ideas about how much they should save. When one spouse believes the other is not saving enough for retirement or for other important goals, his or her whole sense of security may be threatened. The strong emotions raised by conflicts about spending can lead to divorce.

3. Not Keeping Track of Money That Is Spent

Some people have a relaxed view of spending. Others like to keep a tight control over their money. When people with these two different money-management styles marry, they may be on a collision course. If one spouse pays cash for items without keeping track of how much is spent and what it is spent on, the other spouse may feel that the money just disappeared. That can make the first spouse feel he or she is not trusted. The conflict can spiral out of control.

4. Not Communicating About Money

More than one-third of Canadians rarely or never talk to their spouse about money. This lack of communication can eat away at the trust and sharing that is necessary to have a successful marriage. Even spouses who do regularly talk to each other about money may keep some aspects of their earning, saving, or spending secret from each other. Keeping secrets in a marriage, even small ones, can make it harder for spouses to feel close to each other.

When money problems in a marriage are beyond repair, divorce may be the only answer. If you are getting divorced, it is important that you find a good family lawyer who will guide you through the process.


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