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Top 4 Reasons Why The Timing Of Your Move Matters

The success of a commercial or residential move is only as good as the work you put into its preparation. Among the key components of this planning is determining the moving day. Unless an emergency occasions your move, you are advised to settle on a moving day that gives you ample time to organize all other aspects of the move such as packing, decluttering and checking the reliability of the Calgary movers as well as finding storage facilities for your extra stuff. You should also give much thought to the timing of your moving as it:

1. Affects your relocation budget

When you only have limited time to plan for a move, you are often forced to engage the nearest moving company or agent. Limited time denies you chance to accept relocation quotes from different companies and compare their reliability and cost. You might end up spending more than the market rate on the relocation. It is therefore imperative that you only settle on a moving day that allows for ample time to negotiate for the different expenses relating to the move such as the cost of packaging materials and hiring a moving company’s services.

2. Influences the packing time

Packing for a move forms one of the most complicated and time-consuming processes. Ideally, the process kicks off with sorting and decluttering to ensure that you only bring along the essential household stuff. You also have to determine the quality of packaging needed by some of your fragile and valuable items as well as shop for the packaging material. You, therefore, have to settle on a moving that gives you adequate time to plan the packing process.

3. Determines the amount of help needed

When you have enough time between making the decision to move and the actual moving date, you don’t need much help putting everything in place. On the other hand, you will be forced to hire professional services or ask for help from friends in making the process seamless when you have limited time. However, emergency cases dictate that you enlist as much help as possible thus leaving a huge dent in your finances.

4. Gives you time to vet the mover

Before signing a contract with a moving company and committing to using their services, you need to verify their reliability and quality of service. For instance, do their moving trucks guarantee the safety of your fragile and valuable goods? Is the mover’s workforce trained on different aspects of moving and insured against associated risks? Most importantly, does the company have the necessary authorization needed to offer moving services? These form some of the critical background checks that you need to confirm before engaging the moving company’s services.

Bottom line

The timing of your move affects virtually every aspect of the relocation process including your budget and amount of help needed. Therefore, if you look forward to a stressfree move, settle on a moving day that provides for adequate preparation time.


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