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Top 6 Moving Misconceptions Debunked

Studies reveal that close to 12 percent of people locally moved locations in the previous year. People should know that moving, just like any other industry has rumors that are merely misconceptions. You should do your homework well before you move so that you understand the ins and outs of moving. But don’t let the myths determine how you move, deter you from hiring movers, or expose you to making mistakes.

1. Any box can be used for moving

You might want to use the old boxes to move your items. People have the misconception that they can use any box to pack their belongings. The truth is that household items require specific boxes depending on how fragile they are and their weight. Moving boxes are specifically designed to pack your items as you relocate, and they are durable. Therefore, you can save them for your next move.

2. Movers can move everything

One of the common myths about moving is that moving companies move everything; they are not selective. In reality, moving companies have a list of the items they move and the ones that they don’t. A mover might fail to move an item for safety reasons or legal concerns. For instance, some moving companies don’t move hazardous items, such as flammable items, perishable items like plants and food, and liquor. Therefore, make sure you liaise with your mover before the moving day so that you are sure that its policies allow moving all your belongings.

3. You must ride with the moving company in the truck

Surprisingly, most movers don’t allow you to ride in the moving vehicle. Besides, their job is to transport your belongings and not you. Also, riding with the moving company in the truck is uncomfortable.

4. Expect broken items

Unfortunately, some people believe that you should always expect broken items when moving. The truth is that moving companies are experts who know how to handle your belongings without breaking them. The moving company you hire has professionals who will pack and move your stuff to prevent damages. Also, the moving trucks are fitted with equipment to prevent your stuff from damages.

5. All moving companies are the same

Unfortunately, the myth is far from the truth. Moving companies have different conditions and rate, and they offer various features and additional services. Some movers are more experienced and better equipped than others. As a result, you must select a moving company that suits your needs and preferences. Don’t hire the first moving company you come across, pay attention to their conditions and rates. Learn more information from the resources on the Hudson Movers website.

6. The moving company’s insurance fully covers you

You get basic liability coverage for free when you sign a contract with a moving company. However, the coverage doesn’t take care of all the costs of damages. Therefore, you should go an extra mile by getting coverage that will protect your items from damages or loss.


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