Beach Essentials

I have just returned from a glorious week long trip to the beach.  There was much sun, many ice creams and a whole lotta wave jumping.

Three little girls squealed as they learned the art of body boarding.  Three girls created mega cities in the sand and dug holes as big as their heads.  They also enjoyed taking over abandoned forts too.  Stealthy creatures they are.

With all the beach action I realised there are a few things that make a trip to the beach so much more enjoyable.


1- An insulated bag

A cool drink is always appreciated at the beach and a nice insulated bag is the way to do it.  No lugging a big heavy esky, just a light weight bag to house some food and drinks.  I added ice bricks on really hot days, otherwise the bag was enough.

KiewaSmash Kiewa Range


2- Food

Those waves seem to conjure up hunger faster than you can say ‘salad roll’.  Some days we were really organised and others were a bit snatch and grab which saw the kids shoveling savoys down their throats with little else to tempt the taste buds.


3- Chairs and Tent

As a fair skinned maiden I loathe sitting on the beach in full sun.  I know I will burn (even with sunscreen on) and I just wont do it to myself anymore.  For a short trip we didn’t bother putting the tent up but if we were staying a while we pitched that bad boy and made camp for the day.  It really is nice to come back to a cool shady spot between dips.  With so many other tents lining the beach it seems the message of sun safety is really paying off.

Rays outdoor tent $30Rays Outdoors Tent $30

4- Sunscreen and more Sunscreen

I bought three bottles before leaving home and we needed to buy a fourth by the end of our trip.  We tried sprays and lotions.  I found the sprays were hard to work once your hands were a bit greasy but I liked that I could spray the kids and they could rub it all in.

nivea sunscreenNivea was a great choice for the family. Light and easy to rub in.

5- Protection!

Get your mind out of the gutter girl, not that kind of protection!  I’m talking about the skin, eye and head protection.  This year we all wore rashies at the beach and everyone’s shoulders thanked them.  The sunnies and hats were on for mum and dad while we stood knee deep in the water  and watched the kids jump and ride waves over, and over and over again.  The hats were shoved on kids heads each time they were out of the water and playing on the sand.  It made a HUGE difference to our skin and our overall happiness to not be burnt, squinty and sore at the end of each beach day.

sirens shirt $159

Sirens Swim Shirt $159

Tell me… what have I missed? What is on your beach essentials list???


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