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Lunchboxes…. The bane of every mum’s existence. Maybe there are some of you crazies out there that enjoy the thrill of making a delicious, healthy lunchbox, I for one am not a lunch box lover.  So much so that I palmed that job off to my hubby as soon as the big kids started school. Now I have another one joining the school ranks and I am taking a new stand on lunchboxes. Are you ready?  It’s pretty radical…

Kids make their own lunches!  BAM! I said it. I meant it.

This revelation came to me late last year when we were running late for school one morning and the aforementioned hubby had ‘forgotten’ to make the lunchboxes for us.  I made a mad dash for the shower and screeched at the kids to make their own lunch.  To my shock and amazement they did it.

And… the liberation began.  They started making their own lunches.  We only make stock standard lunches.  We don’t do sushi and cute little handcrafted cupcakes.  We do sangas, fruit, dry bikkies and a sweet treat (usually a slice of banana bread or lamington from the supermarket.)

My baby is starting prep this year and I will ask her sisters to help her out with her lunchbox but eventually she will do it on her own.


I have two different styles of Lunch box to show you so you can have a good old sticky beak at the size and styles and consider if its right for your hungry or picky little monsters.

First up…. The Bento Box in a Lunch Bag


Smash Review 2017(6)

I mean, honestly, how gorgeous is a lunch box with stripes that reminds kids to do all the dreaming, sparkling and shining.  LOVE IT!  Also totally digging the grab strap on the side for easy snatching from the fridge each morning.

Smash Review 2017(7)

Inside the insulated bag you can add one of these bento boxes.  This is the box with it’s lid on. I’m gonna be honest.  It’s not a huge amount of space.  Great for the picky eaters who like a lot of little choices.


Smash Review 2017(8)

Here’s a typical lunch for my girls.  With the carrots and banana bread I struggled to get the lid on.  Preschoolers or little eaters would suit this lunch box perfectly! Or mums who have to work and want a cute way to transport their own snacks etc to work. (Ok, I admit I am coveting this one for myself.)

Of course you can always use the bag without the bento insert and seperate food into containers or lunch bags.


Let’s take a look at option 2.  The Smash Lunchbox.  Check it out…

Smash Review 2017

The lunchbox is housed in a removable insulated bag which has a handle at the top for the fridge grab.  There are two sides to this bad boy and both are seriously roomy.  This is the Mc Mansion of lunchboxes ladies.  The containers are available to add into the lunchbox. We had ours from last year but they are in stores now if you need to replace or refurnish your lunch box.

Smash Review 2017(2)

The other side is made for these cute little containters.  They are perfect for yoghurt or fruit snacks.

Smash Review 2017(3)

Here’s how we roll.  Sanga down below.  Yep, I am the mum who doesn’t clingwrap the sanga.

Smash Review 2017(4)

Then load all the “little lunch” options on top.  In the other side I would  put my sweet treat or yoghurt.  It really is a roomy lunchbox.  If you have a big eater or need to load up more than one sanga for your growing kiddies I would highly recommend this lunch box.  We also use one or two of ours for picnics or trips out where we want to fit a whole heap of food to share between the family.


As a former Prep teacher I know the importance of good containers for kids.  I want them to be able to open and close the lids easily and not need to hassle their teacher to do it for them.  These tick all the boxes!


These Smash Lunchboxes were gifted to me to review.  These particular styles sell exclusively at Coles and Big W.

There isn’t long till the school bell tolls.  Tell me mums, have you bought lunch boxes yet?

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