New Year Wardrobe Mantra

Ahhhh…. the clean slate of a new year.  All fresh and new and shiny, just waiting for us to emerge from our crusty old chrysalis and become the beautiful butterfly we know we are.  Until we look in the wardrobe and see the less than stellar selection.  The faded, the saggy,  the stretched and the odd-stained items we have held onto are really dragging us down.

Time to get a wardrobe resolution.  Or as I like to call it a wardrobe mantra.


What is a Wardrobe Mantra???

It’s a statement (or ten) that help you decide what to let in to your wardrobe and what to get rid of. It will help you when you are shopping for new things as it gives you a solid framework to process your purchases through.  In other words, you can call bull-shit on your bad decisions by checking to see if any item aligns with your mantra.


How do I create my own wardrobe mantra?

A mantra can be any statement that helps you stay focused on your wardrobe goals.  To begin your mantra you need to consider what you most want from your wardrobe.  Think first about your lifestyle.  What do you do everyday?  What does your job (paid or unpaid) require you to wear?  What do you need for your hobbies/lifestyle?


Think about your own lifestyle needs.  Go on, grab a pen and write them down. 


The second step in creating your mantra is filling the void.  This means adding the pieces that are missing or that you want to have in your life.  This is the scary bit and usually the part where people stop.

I urge you to consider what you like.  What you REALLY like and WANT to wear, even if you have never worn it.  Dream big and think about the picture of your ultimate wardrobe. A trip down the Pinterest rabbit hole can help or a good old magazine or blog hunt can help you determine what style you like.  Is it bold? colourful? Minimalist? Boho? Simple? Loud? Quirky? Interesting?  Come up with two or three of your own words here.  You can use that pen you grabbed before.  (BUSTED! I know you didn’t grab a pen. haha)


After you have thought carefully about your lifestyle needs and your wardrobe dreams its time to create your mantra.  Slap  together a few key words and make yourself a few sentences.  Wanna see mine?


Wardrobe Mantra(1)



I have reached a point in my life where  I will no longer put up with pesky annoyances.  I wont wear clothes or shoes that rub, squish, annoy or hurt in any way.  I want clothes that will last and I no longer want to have ALL THE CLOTHES!!  I am content to have fewer pieces that really suit me and mix and match them. Most importantly I want to dress more colourfully and step out of my classic comfort zone.

Tell me…. what is your wardrobe mantra for 2017???

Better Yet… Click  this pic, print it out and write your own mantra to hang in your wardrobe or carry in the deep, dark depths of your handbag.

Wardrobe Mantra

May your year be filled with amazing clothes!

Stay stylish. xo

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