Why Does Wine Cause Headaches?

Wine is definitely a fan favourite for any occasion, but there are a good chunk of people who choose to stay away because of the headaches wine is known to give. Wine headaches may not affect some people as severely as others, and others may choose to ignore the post-drinking headache so they can enjoy their favourite drinks. But why do we get headaches after a night of drinking wine?

While there are several pretty solid theories, there is actually no definitive answer as to why many people seem to get headaches as a result of wine. Or another way to say it is that we know several factors cause these headaches, but it’s hard to know which one is causing your headache. You need to know yourself and what works for you. Monitor what happens when you drink wine, and know your limits and abilities.

Here are six common causes of why does wine cause headaches:

1. Histamines & Tannins

Grape skins contain histamines. These are what cause allergic reactions in many people. It is believed that the histamines from the grape skins may be a primary cause of red wine headaches. This is because red wine is always made with the grape skins, while white wines typically are not in contact with the grape skins as much.

The tannins in wine are what cause your mouth to pucker and feel dry when you drink it. Tannins also contain serotonin, which can cause headaches in some people. Wines that are higher in tannins might have a higher chance of giving you a headache.

2. Sugar content

Some wines can be very sugary. The sugar helps to dehydrate your body, and can be a major contributor to headaches, especially the morning after drinking wine. Drinking less sweet wines might help to avoid severe wine headaches.

To help avoid a wine headache, stop it before it starts. Take a couple of ibuprofen or other headache relieving pills before you start feeling the headache, especially if you know you are prone to them. They will help stave off the headache so you can stay out, have fun, and enjoy your wine.

If you are hungry, the wine will go straight to your head. If you eat, you will give your body something to help soak it up with.

3. Dehydration

The body may also be dehydrated. Alcohol dehydrates, so drinking wine and not taking in enough water could be the culprit of your aching head.

Always hydrate when you’re drinking wine. Because it tends to dehydrate, this is one of the best ways to keep a wine headache away, and will also stop you from drinking too much. Try to drink a glass of water between each glass of wine you have.

4. Drinking too much wine

If you start to get drunk off of the wine, you may also develop a headache. Your body’s inability to focus could cause strain on your eyes and head, and it may also mean you are drinking too quickly, and that your body is dehydrated.

Also, don’t drink too quickly. If you do, your body won’t be able to keep up with the amount you are drinking. Slowing down the rate at which you are drinking is a good way to avoid a headache.

5. The wines just don’t sit well with you

Since some wines are more likely to cause headaches than others, you may want to test different wines to see what works best for you. Maybe the wine you are drinking just doesn’t agree with you and it’s time for you to buy a new kind of wine. Take it as an opportunity to explore the amazing world of wine and buy something new!