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I will work my flat bum off for your company if I believe you are the right fit for my readers. I am happy to work with fashion and beauty brands or services that would interest my readers. This can be in the form of....

Gifted Items

Do you have an item that you would love shown on a real mum? Do you want to show how your products look and work on real women? Would you like to see Flat Bum Mum wear or try a product or service? You can gift your item to Bron for review. If the item is relevant for my readers it will appear on my blog, Facebook and Instagram platforms. Please email me for my postal address:
Freez Fashion pants and striped top

Freez Fashion

Sponsored Posts

Would you love a spotlight on your product or service? Do you want to reach real women, mums and non-mums? Have you got something you want me to share with my gorgeous female readers? I am happy to provide sponsored posts for relevant products or services. All sponsored posts will be disclosed at the start of the blog post.

Girl Friday

Have you got a great idea for a collaboration with Bron? Would you like to interview me for your blog? Take me on an all expenses paid trip to anywhere but my crazy house? All suggestions welcome.

Brand Ambassador

I'm no celebrity, I certainly am NOT a model. I'm just a real mum with a really flat bum. The perfect person to help you target young or not so young mums. If your brand needs exposure and your company is geared towards women aged 30-50, mothers of young children, or females of the flat bum persuasion I suggest you contact me and discuss a role as your brand ambassador. Email me: (Fees apply)


Are you wanting to build your brand's following? Want to get the word out about a new product or service? Flat Bum Mum is happy to run a giveaway for your brand. In order to be involved in a giveaway brands must provide a gifted item or book a sponsored post The brand must also provide an item/service/gift voucher for readers to win in a competition.