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4 Guidelines for Moving Your Antiques

Moving can be a relatively straight-forward process. It typically consists of packing up all of your belongings and either recruiting people to help you load and unload furniture and appliances or hiring a professional moving company Vancouver to take over a large portion of the process. However, if you have antiques or family heirlooms, the process may cause some anxiety as you think about how to get them safely to your new location.

Luckily, there are moving services that specialize in the successful transportation of antiques. Below are reasons to consider such a company and ways it can alleviate the stress around the safety of your near-and-dear antiques.

1. Packing

Packing when moving can definitely be considered a do-it-yourself task. However, when it comes to packing valuables and antiques you do not want to take a chance. You would be very upset and disappointed if such items ended up breaking during the moving process.

Hiring moving services allows you to receive assistance with packing from people who are skilled and experienced at it. In addition to having special boxes and crates to enclose your antiques during transportation, they also know what materials to use in such containers to make sure items are safe and do not shift around. The moving service will also supply enough employees to guarantee they can pack and move your antiques safely and securely.

2. Transport

Like packing your belongings, you can transport a lot of your belongings yourself with the help of family members and friends. However, when it comes to antiques that you have, these helpers that you have recruited may not have the skill to carefully move them or may not understand the value or sentimentality involved with such items.

Moving services are able to move your antiques with care. This is especially beneficial when the items need to be moved up or down stairs, around corners, and through doorways. When the movers get your antiques into their trucks, they will ensure they are stored in a way they will not be damaged by falls or coming into contact with other items en route to their destination.

3. Insurance

Antiques are more often than not one-of-a-kind and as such they are irreplaceable if they are damaged. However, you probably still would want to get adequately compensated in case an incident occurs.

While damages during moves are rare, they do occur every so often. Moving services often have insurance policies that will compensate you if the antique they are tasked with moving breaks during transport. Therefore, you admittedly will not be able to replace the antique that is damaged but you will receive the cost it would take to replace it if you could which is better than receiving nothing and being out-of-pocket.

4. Peace of mind

The antiques that you have either cost you a significant amount of money or have been passed down from generation to generation. Either way, you want to do whatever it takes to keep them safe from harm and you may not be confident in your abilities to do so.

When hiring a moving service, you are afforded the peace of mind knowing that your antiques are in the hands of people who can safeguard them against damage the best. As mentioned, movers are skilled and experienced in packing and transporting antiques in a way that keeps them safe from anything that will harm them. As a result, you can focus on other things such as moving furniture and appliances, tending to children and pets, and tending to anything that needs attention in your new location.


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