4 Reasons Thailand’s Tourism Industry is Taking Off

Thailand has, in recent years, been experiencing a major boom in its tourism industry. From Bangkok to tours of the Thai countryside, the country is a top tier tourism destination. What has fuelled that rise? Here are four reasons that Thailand tours have been all the rage of late.

1. One Night (or More) in Bangkok

London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore – what do all of these holiday hotspots have in common? Their having ranked behind Bangkok in Forbes’ 2018 rankings of the World’s Most Visited Cities of 2018. Those other heavy hitters were ranked #2 through #5, respectively, but for the third straight year, Bangkok came out on top, and with good reason. There’s quite a lot to see in Bangkok from a tourism perspective. It features some of the loveliest temples and cultural sites in the country for those interested in the more historic side of tourism, while also standing as one of the most modernized cities in not just Asia but the whole world.

If you are traveling there for business, as so many people are nowadays, you’ll be able to meet in one of the most modern and bustling business centres on earth. Transit in the city is highly efficient, making it that much easier to get from one side of the city to the other in no time. All in all, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, if you’re traveling to Asia, chances are that you’ll want to join the rush to visit the Most Visited City in the World.

2. Less Expensive Rates

As in so much else of life, when it comes to the travel and tourism industry, money talks – especially when the prospect of lower rates comes calling. If you are deciding between a couple of different travel destinations, for example, or trying to decide which hotel to rent, the cost can be a big factor. In the case of Thailand tours, it can often be the deciding factor. Thailand has structured much of its travel industry around affordability. As a result, it can be far less expensive to visit Bangkok than Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, or other Asian hotspots.

If you are looking for an Asian vacation getaway and want to keep costs down, traveling to Thailand can be a great way to do just that, with many great flight plans and hotel packages available. What’s more, actual tours of Thailand’s countryside and national landmarks are likewise often on the inexpensive side compared to their counterparts across Asia.

3. Russian Popularity

Another factor fuelling the tourism boom in Thailand over the past decade-plus? Increased Russian tourism to the country. There are a variety of factors playing into this, including Western sanctions making it more difficult for Russian citizens to travel there to the warmer climate, and Thailand has proven to be a welcome tourism destination for Russians.

4. Golf Holidays

Another force quickly reshaping the Thai tourism industry? Golf holidays. Golf courses have exploded in both popularity as well as prominence across Asia, from Japan to Malaysia. Thailand is no different. If you are looking to hit the links at a new, affordable course in Asia, Thailand might be a hole in one.

These factors and so many more are continuing to grow Thailand’s tourism industry and, indeed, economy writ large.


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