4 Types of Asian Travel Tours That Make Great Holiday Escapes

If you are making travel plans now, you may want to consider the travel packages that are featured in Asia. Indeed, Asia is an interesting place to visit, as it gives you a different perspective, culturally and historically. People who take Thailand tours or similar ventures find this type of holiday well worth the money. Following are Asian travel tours that you will want to consider for your upcoming holiday.

1. A Trip to Bali

You can find many travel options is you choose to see Bali. This paradise makes it possible for you to see natural treasures that you cannot find any other place in the world. Whether you want to spend time reef-diving or enjoy hot springs in Banja, you will find that this type of tour is a one-of-a-kind paradisiac experience.

Some of the trips that are featured include travel to Lombok or a journey from Bangkok to Bali. Many of the trip packages last 14 days and enable you to see places, such as Jakarta, Java, and Mt. Bromo. Many of the trips involve a good deal of cycling and hiking. If you are younger and fit, this may be just the trip for you.

2. Visiting Cambodia

Visiting Cambodia will take you back in time. This type of tour is designed for all ages who are interested in Southeast Asian history. This trip will give you the opportunity to see riverside boulevards and enjoy the cafes in places, such as Phnom Penh.

You will not just see the beautiful temples and structure of the country, but you will also get involved in the current landscape. Many tours begin in Phnom Penh and journey to Siem Reap. If you are a foodie, this is a good place to visit and sample Southeast Asian cuisine.

3. A Journey to Thailand

If you want to seek a place that will offer an idyllic escape, you will love visiting Thailand. Thailand tours abound for just about any preference or budget. Visit aqua coloured waters or visit jungle scenery. Like Cambodia, you will also want to sample the cuisine. Visit the floating markets that are featured in Amphawa, or get acquainted with the street stalls in Chiang Mai. You can also see gorgeous scenery in the form of waterfalls or find a tour that leads you past the regular sites visited by tourists. If you want to experience a unique holiday, you will want to plan a trip to Thailand.

4. Taking a Trip to Singapore

Another place of interest for anyone wanting to see an interesting Asian locale is Singapore. Singapore features both historical and contemporary sights and landscapes. If you love to shop, Singapore will satisfy your cravings. Be sure to visit places such as Chinatown and experience the interesting and vibrant offerings in Little India. Modern and dazzling, Singapore is the ideal place to visit on the Asian continent. You will find that Singapore trips offer jungle fun, city escapes, and activities such as swimming or fishing. Many of the trips offer journeys that can be taken by way of Malaysia. Therefore, you can experience adventures in different locales. Tours are also featured for younger travellers, who are 18 to 29 years old. Therefore, you can find a trip that is geared to your age group and tastes.


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