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4 Ways A Mover Helps Homeowners Before The Truck Pulls Away

Calgary movers do more than transport belongings in a van or truck. A mover may help with many things long before the move. For homeowners, a moving service might prove even more helpful before the truck pulls away. The work moving pros done inside the house could save clients money and aggravation. Here are four ways the service helps before the move.

1. A representative suggests the right size truck or van

With a moving service, you get what you request. Requesting an oversized truck comes with a significant cost. Depending on the move, an oversized vehicle is necessary. Homeowners might not be the best at determining what is required. Scanning the belongings in a home, looking at the trucks available on a website, and making a pick isn’t prudent. Speaking with a moving service representative may be wiser.

The rep will likely ask a series of questions to make a determination. Sending the rep photos of the rooms and belongings may be advisable. Ultimately, the representative might advise on the best — and possibly cheaper — truck to book. Another option involves the moving service sending someone to the home to make an in-person estimate.

2. The movers pack things for the clients

Packing belongings appears easy. The job entails placing things in moving boxes, correct? Packing is more involved than what appears. The right items must correctly go in appropriate boxes. Wrapping packing tape around the box can’t be performed improperly either.

A sturdy cardboard box offers protection from exterior risks, but improper packing could damage what rests inside. Bubble wrap and other protective buffers help, but an educated hand should place them inside. Leaving the packing tasks to a mover could save an heirloom or other treasured possession from being ruined.

3. The movers know what to move first and last

Moving requires someone making several deliberate decisions. What to move first and last fits into decision-making plans. Doing so may reduce the potential for damage while the vehicle is in transit. A mover must worry about potential accidents on the road. Collisions would impact the contents inside the truck. Proper placement of moving boxes and furniture might reduce the damage. Once again, experience factors into the appropriate truck-packing determinations.

4. Movers keeps inappropriate things out of the truck

Certain items should be kept out of a moving truck. The law might even bar the transportation of items specifically prohibited under statutes. Transporting hazardous or potentially explosive materials wouldn’t be a good idea. The average homeowner might not even realize something in his/her garage is corrosive, explosive, or otherwise dangerous. A mover can likely identify these things. Moving pros also follow company guidelines about barred items. Keeping banned material out of a moving truck keeps everyone out of trouble.


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