5 Facts About Nintendo You Probably Didn’t Know

Nintendo is one of the most popular video gaming companies, and has been for years. From the NES, to the GameBoy Advance, to the Switch and beyond, almost everyone has owned a Nintendo console at some point. Their most popular games include the Mario Brothers series, featuring a pair of plumber brothers, Mario and Luigi. Pokemon is also extremely successful, as evidenced by the recent sucess of Pokemon GO with self-proclaimed 90s kids. Keep reading to learn more about 5 facts about Nintendo you may not have known.

1. The clouds and the bushes are the exact same shape in Super Mario Bros.

This classic game could be found in many basements in the 1990s. Nowadays, it’s a cult classic that people still play. When you were playing it, you probably didn’t notice that the clouds and the bushes were the exact same shape, just colourized differently. Next time you’re up for a night of nostalgia, whip out Super Mario Bros. and notice how the clouds and bushes look the same.

2. Donkey Kong was the first game with jumping.

Believe it or not, video game characters have not always had the ability to jump. Nintendo’s 1981 classic, Donkey Kong, introduced jumping to the world of video games. It’s hard to imagine a game nowadays where the characters can’t jump, and we have this fictional gorilla to thank.

3. Mario and Luigi are plumbers.

Did you know that Mario and Luigi were plumbers? That explains all the pipes in the super mario series, and in later mario games. It also explains why they wear overalls, a stereotypical plumber outfit. Another funny fact is that Nintendo actually said that Mario was no longer a plumber at one point in 2017, but they have since changed their website back after outcries from the fans.

4. The NES zapper used to look a lot like a real revolver.

If you owned an NES, you might remember the zapper gun that came with the system. Often used in the game Duck Hunt, the zapper was used to shoot villains while gaming. However, US regulations had to crack down on the original zapper because it looked too similar to a real gun. Newer versions of the device had red colouring, instead of the gunmetal black from before. Lawmakers argued that the old zappers could be confused with a real gun, meaning from a distance, police officers might not be able to tell the difference. Split second decisions can mean the difference between life and death, when it comes to police shootings, so it was a good idea for Nintendo to change the design and the colour.

5. Mario was named after Nintendo’s mean landlord.

One month, Nintendo was late on their rent and their landlord, Mario Segale, became angry with the company. Workers decided it would be funny to name their video game character after him, and thus, he became a part of history.


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