5 Quick Facts About Dental Implants

Dental implants have proven to be a life changing procedure for many people suffering from complications with traditional dentures. As technology has improved, it is now a fairly straightforward procedure with relatively low risk of mishaps. Dental implants offer a lifelong solution to problem teeth and can truly enhance the quality of living for the patients who decide to invest in them. That being said, there have been a lot of innovations regarding how there are implemented in recent years, so there are still a few things you should be aware of before choosing the right dentist for your dental implants.

1. Who can do your dental implants is changing

When dental implants were first introduced, they required very invasive surgery and could only be done by someone trained specifically to do them. Nowadays, it is very possible for general dentists to learn the principles and techniques in order to place dental implants quickly and efficiently. The process of placing dental implants has become much more straight forward and now general dentists have the skills and information necessary to properly identity patients who are appropriate for dental implant treatment.

2. It isn’t necessarily a multi-day procedure

One thing to know about dental implant therapy is that the desired outcome isn’t necessarily to replace all of the teeth with implants immediately. Generally speaking, the goal is to replace or strengthen a single tooth or smaller area, making sure that no shortcuts are taken during the treatment. Once the implant is in place, the body naturally builds bone around it and permanently cement it in place. This biological process usually takes around four months to fully complete.

3. Existing dentures can get mini-implants

Despite this seemingly long healing time, there are some situations when you can get dental implants placed and used in a single office visit. If you’ve already got a lower denture and your teeth have been missing for some time, dentists are usually able to place specialized tooth implants in your lower jaw to stabilize a lower denture. That specialized implant procedure can be completed quickly with minimal surgery. Due to the low maintenance, it is often the case that the implants are ready to be used when you walk out of the office. Those specialized implants are mini implants and can be placed in one visit and used in a single day.

4. You can save money by visiting a general dentist

There are some out there who will tell you that any type of surgery in the mouth should be carried out exclusively by an oral surgeon. Although this may have been the case in years past, with the overall improvement to the procedure, there is truly no change in the standard of care between a specialist and a general dentist. Where this can really make a difference to you as the patient though, is understanding how the pricing works. Due to the fact that specialists only practice in a very narrow field, their fees are usually much higher than what a general dentist would charge.

5. Increasingly safe and accessible

Although the details of the procedure can sound intimidating on paper, the notion that dental implants involve a painful procedure and a long recovery time is simply not true. In fact, getting a tooth pulled in actually harder than getting a dental implant placed. Unlike a tooth extraction that requires a lot of moving from side to side and pressure on the jaw bone, during a dental implant placement procedure, machine instruments are used to create a precise area for the implant in your jaw. With significantly less pressure and trauma to the patience during the produce, there is very little pain and a very swift recovery time. More useful information is found on the Build Your Smile website.


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