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5 Things Not to Tell the Plumber

Many homeowners feel as though they have a bit of DIY knowledge to utilize when needed. However, in a residential plumbing emergency they usually and with good reason contact a professional plumber for assistance. Still, some can’t seem to keep from saying certain things to the plumber who is working to fix the problem. Here are a few things not to say.

1. Advice.

A well-meaning resident might offer advice about how to fix a plumbing problem due to being familiar with the residence and plumbing conditions. However, it is usually best to wait until an opinion is asked for before making suggestions about how to handle the specific problem. The expert has significant training and experience that most non-plumbers lack.

2. Criticism.

Tackling a plumbing issue can sometimes be complicated. The plumbing technician might appear to use techniques that seem alien or confusing. Rather than interfere with the procedure by criticizing it, a better approach would be to wait and see if the strategy works. There are more resources available at Drain Rescue for further references.

3. Complaints.

Similar to criticism, complaints are unlikely to help plumbers do a better job. Instead of making negative remarks about the mess being created to fix a plumbing problem or the time it may be taking, a more productive approach would be to stay out of the way, be patient, and ask questions if uncertain or confused about how the situation is being handled.

4. Time questions.

Sometimes it is hard to pin down an exact time of arrival for plumbing experts. Further, it can be difficult if not impossible to predict how long it will take to finish the job. Rather than to ask about specific timeframes, it is better to wait and see how the process plays out. Some work might be expected to be completed within two hours, but could run less or more than that. Frequent time questions will add to the plumber’s pressure and perhaps cause him or her to feel rushed.

5. Praise.

While a sincere thank-you at the conclusion of the plumbing work is always appreciated, extensive praise may come across as unnecessary and perhaps even pandering for a lower bill for services rendered. Everyone likes to have their work acknowledged and appreciated, but not when it comes with the expectation of reciprocation.

Sometimes the best approach to working with experts on a residential problem like plumbing is to stay quiet and let the worker handle the problem as seems best, based on professional assessment. If someone’s opinion is needed, it will become obvious, although this is usually not the case. Except when questions are asked, it may be best for everyone to stay out of the way so plumbers can efficiently handle the job.


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