5 Tips for Taking a Vacation in Thailand

While many people may have dreamed of going on vacation to Thailand, the people who visit this amazing country for the first time are likely to be surprised by some of the sights, food, and music they hear and encounter. Signing up for professional Thailand tours is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your time in this amazing country, and will allow you to relax while you are traveling with an expert.

1. Go Off the Beaten Path

The novel and movie “The Beach” may have inspired many people to come to Thailand to visit Maya Beach, but this is not the only amazing and pristine location in this country. As this particular place becomes more and more popular, visitors to this country can benefit from going off of the beaten path to find locations that are still as naturally beautiful as they were decades ago. Make sure the tour company you hire allows you to travel deeper into the woods in search of pristine areas that are free from other tours.

2. Enjoy Pop-Up Restaurants

While pop-up restaurants are becoming popular all around the world, they originated in Thailand. If you are lucky enough to spend time in Bangkok, make sure that you come hungry. After most shops have closed up for the evening, pop-up restaurants get set up. Major roads become dining rooms with some of the most incredible food available. Additionally, this food is always priced reasonably, so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

3. Go Conservative

Many people make the mistake of travelling to Thailand and thinking that they will be able to wear bikinis and other revealing outfits the entire time they are in this amazing country. While skimpy clothing is accepted by the pool and on the beach, when in public it’s better to dress a little more modestly. Forgetful tourists are often given pants and shawls to borrow in order to enter locations such as palaces. Make sure you have your knees and shoulders covered when entering these locations.

4. Take Time to Enjoy the History

Thailand has a deep and rich history, and one of the major benefits of travelling to this country is getting to enjoy it. While many people think of visiting other countries when they want to enjoy a world history and monuments, visiting Sukhothai and Ayutthaya will allow you to walk through complex ruined palaces and temples. It is easy to spend most of your time in major cities, but enjoying the history of this country is very important as well.

5. Make Sure You Try the Coffee

Even though Thailand is not known for its coffee, this country has a slowly growing coffee culture that is very exciting. Both in cities and in rural areas it is easy to find fresh coffee while you’re on your trip. Enjoying a cup on the run ensures that you stay wide awake and caffeinated during your vacation, and allows you to taste amazing homegrown beans that vary from region to region.


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