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6 Easy Tips to Save Money on Moving Services

Whether it’s across town or across the country, moving is a big deal. Hiring a moving company can make things easier, but it also makes the move more expensive. Here are five ways to save cash on a move.

1. Use Garbage Bags

You never realize how much stuff you have until you start packing for a move. Since you didn’t remember having all those things, you probably don’t need all of them, so grab a few garbage bags, and start filling them. Cargo weight is one way a moving company determine its fees, so why incur extra charges for things you don’t use anymore? If you prefer not throwing things away, give them to friends or family, or donate them to charity. You could also hold a yard sale, and any money you make can help pay for moving services.

2. Collect Boxes

Boxes provided by the mover are not free, but free boxes are plentiful. First, save boxes from any large purchases you make. Second, check local retailers, grocery stores, liquor stores and schools. Ask them if they have boxes or if they will save some for you after their next delivery. Check with your employer while you’re at it, and ask your friends, family and social media buddies if they have boxes or know where to find some for free. Just make sure the boxes you choose are sturdy enough to handle what you pack in them.

3. Pack Yourself

Packing your own stuff can take a big chunk out of a moving company bill. Use bubble wrap to insulate things so they don’t break, and pack boxes and containers so things don’t have room to bounce around during transport. If all that bubble wrap puts you over budget, use thick towels, blankets and comforters. Newspapers and packing peanuts also help keep things secure.

4. Share Your Move

If you have space on the truck, ask the moving company Vancouver if another customer wants to share the move. Not everyone has a full truckload of belongings, which means you could move at half price.

5. Wait to Move

If you’re not in a hurry to get there, or if you can wait for your things to come later, it can save you money on moving services. Time your move for the off season, which is during colder months. Most people move during the summer. In winter, movers have less work, and they’re willing to lower rates to get your business.

6. Ask Your Boss To Help Pay

Maybe they will, or maybe they won’t, but if the move is work related, you could get help with moving costs. You won’t know unless you ask, so go for it.


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