6 Non-Allowable Items Movers Cannot Move

Whether you are hiring a professional moving company or considering packing up the moving truck yourself, there are some items that movers aren’t allowed, by law, to move on their trucks. Here is a list of the non-allowable items that companies will not move.

1. Pets

One of the things a moving company Vancouver does not move is animals. Under no circumstances are animals of any kind allowed in the moving truck. Unfavourable temperatures and bad air conditions can negatively affect the pet’s health.

And, of course, the last thing you want to do is put the life of your pet in danger. In this case, you need to use other transport options such as air or car travel in your personal vehicle. Moving companies will not transport your animal friends, so ensure you make alternative arrangements.

2. Combustibles

While transporting your items, it can be difficult to keep certain conditions under control, such as the temperature. For this reason, anything that is considered to be combustible is not allowed in moving trucks. These include hair sprays, batteries, fireworks, engine fluids, drain cleaner, fire extinguishers, etc. All these types of possessions are non-allowable moving items.

3. Plants

Along with your furry friends, a moving company won’t move your beloved houseplants, either. Of course, plants are harmless when compared to other items on this list, but it is illegal for a moving company to transport house plant for a distance longer than 150 miles unless they are certified and licensed to do so.

These restrictions will help limit or eradicate the spread of pest infestations to a new region. Another reason is that the moving truck may get extremely hot while in transit, which may likely put an end to the life of your highly perishable house plants.

4. Perishables

No general moving company will allow any food item on their moving trucks. Any item that may likely not survive the move will not be accepted. They are not allowed to carry perishable food that may likely go bad over a long distance. If the food items perish, it will not only cause a bad odour in the truck, but it may also pose a health and safety hazard.

Furthermore, it can cause rot, fungus, and mould growth, which may affect other items in the truck. Some of the perishables include produce, opened food products, and frozen foods.

5. Irreplaceable Items

Items that hold great value and are impossible to replace or restore will not be transported by a moving company. Unexpected events can happen on the road, which can cause damage to the items on board. Moving such irreplaceable items can greatly increase the movers’ liability.

A moving company will not move irreplaceable items such as wedding documents, passports, insurance documents, birth certificates, unique artwork, tax records, and other important files.

6. Flammables

Items that could go up in flames are strictly prohibited. If a fire starts in the back of the truck, it will consume both your possessions and the people driving. Some of the non-allowable flammables include lighter fluid, diesel gasoline, kerosene, nail polish, matches, paints, and stains.

Because most of the items listed above are irreplaceable, valuable, or potentially life-threatening, moving companies prefer not to move them or cannot do so by law. Check with your moving company to know which items that are not permissible on the truck.


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