6 Potential Side Effects of Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural process that results in something truly remarkable for soon-to-be parents. However, women who are about to go through the procedure will experience a number of symptoms, especially early on.

Since everyone’s body reacts differently, women will have to contend with some symptoms while others may not. However, some side effects of an early pregnancy are universal in their capacity to affect all.

Here are six symptoms and side effects of early pregnancy in the initial stages.

Side Effect #1: Fatigue

It’s inevitable that you will feel worn down overtime, but feeling burnt out or tired in general may be the side effects of early pregnancy. Your body starts to modify itself in ways that you normally wouldn’t even think were possible.

All of this usually comes in the form of lower blood sugar levels, in addition to a lower blood pressure. These work in tandem with each other to essentially extract your body’s available energy.

Hormones are also affected through the onset of fatigue. Early on, pregnancy makes the hormone known as progesterone increase exponentially. At high enough levels, progesterone influences the need to sleep. If you are in need of multiple naps throughout the day, take them!

Side Effect #2: Cravings

Hormonal changes within the body affect virtually every part of your bodily functions. When it comes to craving certain foods, you can without a doubt trace this back to being a symptom of an early pregnancy.

During your first trimester, food cravings may arrive at unexpected times throughout the day. It is normal to also desire things that are generally unhealthy for you. From fried foods to desserts high in sugar, it might be almost impossible to stay away from them.

Since the fetus within you is growing, you’ll want to eat foods that can aid in its healthy development. Foods such as vegetables, sweet potatoes and lean meats are nutritious in value and will ensure that the rest of the pregnancy process is as smooth as possible.

Side Effect #3: Mood Swings

If patience isn’t your strong suit, you’ll notice that you might become a bit more antsy around situations that are testing you. An early pregnancy is reflective of mood swings and a rapid changing of your emotions in short succession.

Don’t let this deter you or those around you. It is perfectly normal to experience changes in your mood during this time. As stated before, hormonal changes soar to extraordinary levels, affecting your emotional state as a result.

Make sure that you are aware of how you are feeling, so you can react to circumstances accordingly. Remember, it is all a part of the process and it won’t last forever!

Side Effect #4: Missing Your Period

One of the clearest side effects of an early pregnancy is missing your regular period cycle. If you recognize that it has been missed not once but on multiple occasions, you should take the initiative to seek out more information.

An early pregnancy is synonymous with this particular symptom. Usually, a missed period precedes any other specific symptom brought on by the process during the initial stages.

If you notice that your period is lighter than usual, or if the monthly cycle doesn’t occur at all, you should speak to your healthcare provider to find out what your next options are.

Side Effect #5: Nausea In Varying States

If you are beginning to feel queasy or feel the symptoms related to dizziness on more than one occasion, these could be the signs or side effects of early pregnancy. Commonly referred to as morning sickness, it can essentially hit you at any time during the day or night.

In as little time as two weeks, women may begin to feel light headedness. Since the levels of estrogen in your body are rising so quickly, your body doesn’t have time to adjust itself appropriately. You may also find that certain smells can trigger waves of nausea, a symptom that is very much reflective of an early pregnancy.

Ensure that you drink plenty of liquids and eat wholesome foods to starve off the effects of nausea. If it continues to worsen, contact a fertility expert for consultation as soon as possible.

Side Effect #6: Other Internal And External Discomfort

Since the inside of you is changing at a rapid rate, the rest of your body will react accordingly. This is usually at the cost of your comfort, as an early pregnancy translates to a plethora of miscellaneous bodily reactions.

You might find yourself urinating a lot more than usual. In addition, heartburn may occur at irregular periods, while your breasts may become swollen. Take care in becoming aware of all of these when they happen so you can rationally deal with them at this stage of the pregnancy.

The most common factor to be cognizant of during the first trimester of pregnancy is that the symptoms occur very discreetly. However, once you know how your body is adapting, research the solutions to these symptoms in order to build confidence for the remaining trimesters!