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7 Plumbing Tools You Should Own

As a homeowner, or even a renter, there are a few basic plumbing tools you should own so you can take care of small plumbing jobs independently, without having to call a plumber. Keep reading to learn more about the 7 most important plumbing tools everyone should own.

1. Plunger

This is probably the most common plumbing tool that people own, because clogged toilets are no fun! Aside from unclogging the toilet, a plunger can also be used to unclog a backed-up sink or drain. Just make sure to either use another plunger or clean out the sink after use!

2. Drain snake

Surprisingly, a lot of plumber visits could be eliminated by owning this one simple tool. A drain snake is used to fish out debris from a clogged shower or sink. If you have women in your family, it’s a good idea to clean out the drains regularly to prevent hair buildup. Another preventative tool you can buy is a strainer to put in the tub to catch hairs. This is easier to clean out than using a snake to clear the drain.

Of course, the snake you purchase may not be as heavy duty as one a plumber owns, so if your clog is particularly nasty, you’ll still need to call for help.

3. Wrenches

You can buy a nice wrench set from your local hardware store for under $50. Wrenches can be used for many jobs, both plumbing and otherwise. You can use a wrench to tighten a loose joint, fix a leaky pipe, or replace a sink faucet if necessary. Because they’re so useful for other jobs, too, we recommend buying a set of wrenches to have around the house.

4. Caulking gun

A caulking gun (and a tube of caulk) can be used to seal joints in the shower, around sinks, and even around windows. Replacing the caulking in your shower should happen anytime you notice mold growing in it. This task can easily be completed without outside help, as long as you own a caulking gun and you purchase caulk intended for showers. Additional information is available at the Drain Rescue website.

5. Duct tape

Duct tape is an extremely useful plumbing tool to have around the house. It can be used to patch up small leaks until a plumber can find a permanent fix. It’s also very useful for other purposes around the home.

6. Buckets

You never know when you’re going to have a leak around the house, and a bucket can be useful to catch any dripping water. While you could use a bowl, sometimes the leaking water is not clean and it would be better to use a bucket. Buckets are also easier to empty, because they have handles.

7. Extra towels

While towels are not technically a plumbing tool, they can be extremely useful for cleaning up after a leak or after something overflows. When your family gets a new set of towels, don’t throw out the old ones! Instead, keep them in a designated place to be used to spills, leaks, and of course for drying the dog after his bath. These extra towels can be useful for stopping a leak from travelling and damaging the rest of the house.


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