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8 Exciting Activities You Could Experience on Your Thailand Travel Tour

Pre-organized travel tours are an incredible way to save yourself the headache of self-planning your vacation and these Thailand tours typically incorporate a wide variety of activities, allowing you to experience as much of the country as possible in the given time frame, which is typically around eight or nine days, depending on where you find your tour. Self-planning puts you at risk of missing out on essential activities but travel tours are often organized by individuals familiar with the area so that you hit all of the best stops.

1. River Cruises

Thailand is not only surrounded by water but also home to an incredible river system that you might wind up travelling down. Thailand travel tours often include river cruises as these allow you to coast through parts of the country and view plenty of sights along the way.

2. Temple Visits

Thailand is also home to thousands of Buddhist temples, many of which will be viewable if you travel down river. These are often incredible structures and essential sights to see while visiting Thailand. Even if your tour doesn’t include this specifically, you are bound to run into a few of them.

3. Thai Cooking and Cuisine

At some point, you are going to have to eat and many of your meals will, of course, be authentic Thai food, whether it’s included in your travel tour or not. What may be included in your tour, however, is the opportunity to take a Thai cooking class and learn the cuisine yourself.

4. National Parks and Beaches

Thailand has forests, beaches, rivers, and mountains, among a world of other things, all of which will inevitably be a part of your tour through the country. Oftentimes, travel tours may take you through some of the natural parks to get a look at both the wildlife and the landscape.

5. Water Activities

Wherever there are water and beaches, there are typically all sorts of water activities, including diving, snorkelling, and boating, among other things, and given that Thailand is surrounded by water, you will find plenty of all of that.

6. Thai Massages

Massages are somewhat of a tradition in Thailand and you may find this included in your tour package. After all, it would be an excellent way to unwind after all that travelling.

7. Muay Thai or Yoga

You may also have the opportunity to take part in or experience a classic Muay Thai or yoga session at some point during your trip. These travel tours typically aim to be as comprehensive as possible so as to give you the most thorough Thai experience.

8. Local Transportation

Every country has somewhat of a unique transportation experience, whether it be a unique vehicle or just the way that people drive, and Thailand is no different. You may travel in some of the city buses or take a Thailand tuk-tuk, which is essentially a three-wheeled taxi used for short distances.


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