8 Moving Services to Consider When Moving House

The best way to streamline moving house is to use all the services provided by movers. These services not only include packing and transport, but may extend to storage as well. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to investigate all the moving services that are featured by a moving company so you can streamline your moving activities. Any of the following services can make a move both convenient and expedient.

1. Local Moves

When you plan to move locally, it means you are relocating within your own province or community. Therefore, a local move defines the distance involved in the move. For most movers, this distance is between 80 and 160 kilometres.

2. Long-Distance Moves

If you plan to remain within your locale or within your country but the distance is over 160 kilometres, you can classify this type of move as long-distance. After the distance is determined, you need to make a decision as to what type of transport you will be needing: full-service or self-service.

3. Full-Service Moves

Usually, a full-service move is recommended for most people moving house. That is because you can leave all the work to the moving professionals. Full-service moves include packing items and transporting them to their new location. Packing, loading, and delivery are all handled by the moving company.

4. Self-Service Moves

In this type of move, the moving contractor is only obligated to load the items, deliver them to the destination, and unload them. The customer is responsible for packing and unpacking the items.

5. International Moves

As the name suggests, an international move involves moving to another country. Therefore, you need to retain a moving company that offers specialized moving services. Shipments for these types of moves are based in measurements of cubic metres.

6. Small Moves

A small move is generally a local move that entails moving from an apartment with goods that weigh under 907 kilograms. Therefore, small moves are normally made for people who live in apartments or for students.

7. Storage

You may need to have certain items stored during your move, either short-term or long-term. If so, you will need to use a professional Toronto mover that offers storage as an option. This makes it possible for you to move your items and store them using the same company. Storage should be temperature controlled as well as secured to prevent damages or theft.

8. Packing

If you opt for a full-service move, moving professionals will pack your items and load them onto the truck. This may be a preferred option if you have family and work obligations. Also, when movers pack the items, the company’s insurance will cover any breaks or damages. You do not have this type of guarantee if you pack the items yourself. You yourself will be responsible for the replacement costs.

Regardless of the moving services you use, make sure you have your belongings separated so you know what will be moved, what will be stored, what will be donated, and what will be discarded. Doing so will help you better manage and organize your move.


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