Four Signs You Need Professional Assistance from a Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Numerous laws are in place to protect your business in many ways, and they are also in place to protect your rights when dealing with partners, shareholders and others. Seeking legal assistance can seem like a major move to make, but there are instances when professional legal assistance is a true necessity. These are some of the leading signs that may indicate the time has come for you to seek assistance from a commercial litigation lawyer.

1. You Are Dealing with a Heated Dispute

As a business professional, there are numerous instances when you may butt heads with a customer or client, an affiliate, a competitor or another person or entity. Some disputes are mild and easily resolve with minimal effort, but other issues can become heated quickly. If you are dealing with an escalating situation, it makes sense to learn more about your rights and to use legal representation to protect your rights. After all, you and your business may have a lot at stake with this type of situation.

2. You Have an Issue with a Business Partner

While many people take on one or several business partners for various reasons, some of these partnerships can sour over time. There are several ways to deal with a partnership dispute, such as buying a partner out or reaching a compromise. A legal consultation will help you to determine what your options are, and you can continue to work with the lawyer to achieve desired results through negotiations or a court case.

3. Contract Terms Are Being Questioned

A well-written contract protects both parties’ rights, but some contract terms are vague or confusing. Some people may seemingly cross over their contractual rights because of confusion about the meaning of different terms. Others may flagrantly ignore the terms of a contract. A lawyer can help you to enforce the terms of a contract so that your rights are not violated.

4. You Are Concerned About Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property is a top concern for many business owners. This property may have considerable value, and there are instances when the entire business is rolled up in the protection of intellectual property rights. A smart idea is to consult with a lawyer about intellectual property protection up-front, but you can also seek assistance with litigation matters if an issue arises.

Legal issues are bound to arise at various points over the course of business operations. It is wise to hire a commercial lawyer today who can assist you with all of your current and future legal concerns. Remember that it is best to understand your rights and to be proactive about protecting them rather than to try to fight matters after they arise.


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